The entire electronics industry is struggling with material shortages. Companies everywhere are affected by shortages of electronic components ranging from ICs to displays – so are we.

As a manufacturer of custom HMI solutions, we rely on the dependable procurement of displays, touch screens and electronic components. So what do we do if these fundamental electronic assemblies are not available? We propose alternatives that can be implemented without major changes for our customers.

Our customers can rely on us because:

1. We are not tied to specific manufacturers

If a component is not available, we research for optimal alternatives. Above all, we make sure that the exchange does not cause any major changes and requalification for our customers. Since we are not tied to specific electronics manufacturers, we have access to a large selection of possible alternatives. Especially for frequently used display types, we resort to a manufacturer in Asia that is still able to deliver. For these alternative displays, we have developed our own adapter solution, which enables our customers to continue using their previous interface without any problems. This way we can provide a 1:1 replacement for a complete display portfolio and save our customers time-consuming layout adjustments.

2. We have our own in-house development and electronics production 

Many of the solutions for our customers have been developed in-house and we can assess which alternative parts and components are suitable. We are looking for comparable alternatives that can continue to meet all requirements of our customers. However, if these are not available, our focus is to develop custom solutions that keep the effort for customer changes at a minimum. The biggest advantage is that we have our own development and electronics production in-house. This enables us to react quickly and independently to changed circumstances and, if necessary, to establish testing setups.

3. We have a reliable change management

Constructive changes are regularly implemented by our team. For this purpose, we rely on comprehensive and reliable change management. If there is no identical display type on the market, we quickly implement design changes. For this purpose, we compare the mechanical and electronic components and coordinate the scope of changes with our customers. We adapt all design and production documents to the new version, for all changes to be automatically included with the next order.

Should a material or component problem arise, we immediately sit down with our customers to coordinate the next steps and process together:

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