We understand that input devices determine how pleasing users find your equipment and devices, and how likely they are to value the equipment. Read more about the Psychology of High-Quality Membrane Switches and Touch Screens in our blog or visit us at the Design-2-Part Show in Grapevine, TX on February 26-27, booth number 529.

Find out about our capabilities to produce innovative and high-quality input systems, from design and development, individual components such as membrane switches and touch solutions to electronics and enclosures.

Complete Input Solutions, Touchscreens, Membrane Switches, EnclsouresDue to our in-house production capabilities (fully automated screen and digital printing, processing and cutting of glass fronts as well as full scale electronics production) and a network of partnerships, we can accommodate small scale as well as large scale production requests. H+K has been manufacturing German engineered high quality input solutions for 40+ years. Our clients are very diverse and we have substantial experience in the Medical Device-, Automotive-, Aerospace-, Aviation-, Defense-, Hospital-, Health Care-, Heavy Equipment- and Automation Industry.

Thanks to close, vertically integrated relationships with companies within the HK Group and partner organizations, Hoffmann + Krippner can supply individual components, build an entire solution, or even take a raw idea from its initial concept to final production, all in-house. We offer not only all of the individual components that might be required – sensors, enclosures, membrane switches, input and display technologies, software solutions, IoT technologies, etc. – but also all of the capabilities needed to fabricate and bring them together into a unique, high quality product. As a result, we can meet the needs of almost any industrial customer, all with a single point of contact.

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