Thin, lightweight and flexible – the applications are endless!

With our own pastes developed in-house, we manufacture custom printed electronics solutions for every industry, including hybrid systems, printed sensors, printed strain gauges, heating foils, force sensing resistors and in-mold electronics.

Capacitive switches for human interfaces are becoming more and more popular in the operation of electronic devices. Thin, flexible foils offer the possibility of simple and cost-effective integration into enclosures or in-mold electronics. Curved surfaces are easy to implement and transparent conductive pastes enable back-lit capacitive keys and functions. Printed capacitive sensors are perfect for the integration into household appliances or automotive control panels.

Hoffmann + Krippner and innoME: Together into the future

With the signing of a cooperation agreement, Hoffmann + Krippner and innoME are expanding their long-standing supplier-customer relationship.

Membrane sensors for highly complex, innovative medical instruments and to measure pH values and temperatures have already been developed in a joined effort. The aim of the cooperation is the development, production and marketing of new types of membrane-based sensors. “We want to measure where we have never measured before,” says Eike Kottkamp, CEO of innoME.

With the membrane sensors, the customers of the cooperation partners get everything from a single source: measuring, processing and connectivity. In times of Industry 4.0, the specialists develop and produce individual sensors that can transmit data to the cloud and the customer’s ERP system via cellular network. “Our sensors are the data sources for more insights and knowledge,” says Ralf Krippner, CEO at Hoffmann + Krippner.

Initially, the partners will increasingly focus on target markets of e-health (medical technology), security, environmental technology and wearables. The measurement of and in liquids will provide information about parameters such as pH value, temperatures, pressure, humidity or fill level. Thanks to more extensive and precise data, future treatment therapies can be tailored even more specifically to the patient.

About innoME:

InnoMe GmbH is a pioneer in the development and implementation of new types of sensors and systems. In an interdisciplinary team, the company acts as a co-designer of IoT, e-health and smart processing. InnoMe sensor products inspire and provide added value.

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