Smart product identification – more than a digital nameplate

The digital NFC tag solution

makes device management easy, smart and digital.

tap2.cloud is a system for labeling and identification using NFC technology. In connection with the Connect One® Cloud, managing your variety of devices becomes very easy. This innovative cloud solution even meets the special requirements of a digital nameplate in accordance with DIN SPEC 91406.

The NFC tag can be integrated into new designs or retrofitted into existing control panels for a wide range of devices. tap2.cloud provides desired information promptly and “on tap”. Device specifications and operating instructions or manuals can be accessed, repair service requested, and spare parts ordered quickly and easily all via an NFC-enabled smartphone. The digital NFC tag solution can be implemented worldwide without any problems and automatically displayed in the respective national language.  

tap2.cloud for Industry 4.0

Hard to decipher paper labels are a thing of the past with tap2.cloud. We digitize your nameplates, according to DIN SPEC 91406, and create a solution fit for the future while conserving resources. Information that is automatically multilingual and can be accessed on a daily basis replaces complex paper documentation usually included with devices and products.

With Connect One Digital AG as part of our company network HK SYSTEMS, we offer not only the integration and configuration of the NFC tag, but also the connectivity to the Connect One® Cloud and the linked web app which can be individually customized.

Your Advantages

> Easy access for end customers, service technicians, manufacturers
> Increased quality of customer services
> Integration of new business models
> Permanent digital identification
> Real-time information
> Compatible with all mobile devices
> Statistics can be accessed at any time via the cloud platform
> Linked to customizable web app

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Components and Options

RFID / NFC Technology 

The RFID / NFC technology enables a short distance connection with an NFC-enabled smartphone. All you have to do is hold the smartphone close to the chip at a distance of a few centimeters to start the predefined application.

Connect One® Cloud

> Easy and secure management of all your product data
> Dashboard with real-time statistics per device / NFC tag
> Nameplate conforms to DIN SPEC 91406
> Compatible, flexible, scalable

Connect One® App

> Web app to link digital content
> Online configurator for individual color design
> Real-time interaction and content management
> Connectivity to web shops on request

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