Easy connectivity for added value! tap2.cloud is more than just a digital nameplate: HK SYSTEMS makes product identification smart and digital using NFC technology, opening a world of possibilities for demanding industrial environmentsIn close cooperation, partner companies Hoffmann + Krippner and Connect One have developed a system within the HK.SYSTEMS technology network, offering their customers and end consumer considerable added value.  

What is tap2.cloud?

tap2.cloud lets you identify and authenticate your machines and devices using NFC technology. The NFC tag can be integrated into new designs or retrofitted into existing control panels allowing the information to be accessed quickly and easily using an NFC-enabled smartphone. In connection with the Connect One® Cloud, the system even meets the special requirements according to DIN SPEC 91406. Secure and real-time management of all NFC tags is possible, and statistics can be accessed at any time.   

We have developed the Connect One App to provide customers and service technicians with easy access to operating instructions, manuals and warranty information. The requested information is individually linked to the web app and presented in an appealing and user-friendly design. Many other services such as links to online shops for spare parts can be provided as well. The app opens in a browser and does not require any prior installation.  




  • The Connect One® App provides a clear overview and can be designed according to your requirements.
  • In combination with the Connect One® Cloud, tap2.cloud meets the requirements of DIN SPEC 91406.
  • Integrated into your control panel, the NFC tag can be accessed using a smartphone.

tap2.cloud for Industry 4.0

We digitize your nameplates and make hard-to-decipher labels a thing of the past. With tap2.cloud we create a solution fit for the future for all industries while conserving resources. Real-time information that is automatically multilingual and can be accessed daily replaces costly paper documentation accompanying your machines and devices. 

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