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Hoffmann + Krippner software solutions ensure flawless operations and seamless interactions between machine, input unit, and user.

Input devices require more than just hardware to work; software is equally fundamental to modern products, devices, and equipment. Just as your products and equipment rely on input devices (from membrane switch keyboards to touchscreens) to work as intended and benefit the end-user, those input devices themselves rely on software for optimal operation.

Software connects the required functionality of the input system with that of the end-product. Both expert coding and development knowledge AND corresponding hardware technical expertise is required to produce successful results; and programming must be completed in close conjunction with the hardware. In short, no product or input device is complete without excellent software systems baked into – and ideally developed alongside – the system as a whole.

That’s why, decades ago, Hoffmann + Krippner grew from building simple membrane switches to designing and engineering complex, complete input systems. Realizing that suboptimal communications between the input unit, the machine, and the user would result in malfunctions and unexpected output, Hoffmann + Krippner began to apply our technical and engineering expertise to the challenge. Today, we create products that work as efficiently and beautifully under the hood as they do on the surface.

As a result, Hoffmann + Krippner is equally adept at software and hardware development. During software development for specific interfaces or protocol drivers, drivers are already developed which can be further advanced for the actual function test. Such close collaboration of all departments involved is one of the greatest strengths of our company.

What would you like to know about our software solutions?

> How we develop custom, user-defined standard interfaces
> How we ensure seamless, reliable wireless data transfer?
> How we create web- and cloud-based platforms and systems?
> How we develop firmware and keyboard protocols based on your specific requirements?
> How we integrate touch pads, mouse pads, and touchscreens (capacitive and resistive)?

Today, Hoffmann + Krippner is one of the world’s premiere providers of innovative industrial software for medium-sized and large-scale industries.

User-defined Solutions

During development, our software solutions team works closely with customers to meet their needs in the most efficient and effective way. Customer and application needs govern every aspect of software development. Hoffmann + Krippner is a single-source solution for designing, engineering, and coding everything needed – including the software, firmware, and tools – for complete, effective interaction between man and machine.

Customers can come to us with ideas in hand, and we can help them turn ideas into practical applications, developing the innovative concepts that can turn their products into marketplace successes. Our developers work closely with our customers to determine what solutions will meet their technical and cost needs, from the simple to the complex, with a range of options to meet the application. Cost-sensitive projects can opt for basic, standard components; more feature-rich projects that incorporate LCD displays to present graphic communication to the operator might utilize embedded systems with built-in operating systems (like Linux).

The basis for a successful development project rests in the precise definition of requirements and the project scoping. To that end, we can assist with:

> Support during the proposal phase
> Feasibility and requirements analysis
> Development and outlining of specifications
> Scope statement and documentation

Our team is equally skilled at project planning and management to secure the development objective, avoid budget overruns, meet project deadlines, and deliver a marketable product.

Data Transfer

Helicom, a wholly owned subsidiary of a Hoffmann Krippner, engineers world-class products for wireless operations. If your input device or other equipment needs to reliably and securely transfer data in some way, Hoffmann + Krippner, working in concert with Helicom, can produce an effective software and firmware protocol to ensure the successful transfer of the data from the input device to wherever it needs to go.

Web- and Cloud-based Platforms

Additionally, Hoffmann + Krippner partner Egotec creates high-performing web applications, building the cloud-based platform needed to operate input devices with web connectivity. Utilizing our own robust and secure networks, Hoffmann + Krippner and Egotec can ensure that the software solution is rugged, safe, and available anywhere at any time.

Integrated Interfaces

Our software department works with all common tools, protocols, and interfaces to support the development process at all stages – including USB, Profibus, Profinet and CAN. Similarly, our developers work according to proven programming guidelines and integrate test scenarios into the process to ensure the quality of the software. We specialize in all major interfaces, including:

> RS232, RS485
> Can Bus
> Lin
> Profibus, Profinet
> Ethernet
> I2C, SPI
> USB (HDI generic)
> Bluetooth
> OneWire
> Analogue digital interface (PWM, 0-10, 4-20mA, …)

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