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Development based on budget

Development projects for advanced input systems can be achieved on the basis of various platforms. By working closely with our development team, the technology is selected by a group of people with different skills and knowledge. That is our way to ensure that our proposed solution provides maximum project success. Feasibility testing during the design stage confirm the concept, which secures the development objective and avoids budget overruns.

Modern input systems are developed with microcontrollers that transform it into an embedded system. This way both simple and complex requirements in the electronic hardware can be met. The requirements dictate which microcontroller family is used. Simple cost-sensitive projects generally implement an 8-bit microcontroller. If the connectivity and computer power play a role, 32-bit controller of the Coretx-M0 to M4 families are used. If the input system is to additionally feature an LCD display in order to present graphic communication (HMI) to the operator, embedded systems with operating systems are used (e.g. Linux).

Embedded applications require high software availability as input systems equipped with a microcontroller commonly operate around the clock. The quality requirements for this software and its programming are thus significantly higher than that of standard PC software. To overcome common problems of complex, time-critical and memory-scarce embedded software successfully, expert knowledge and corresponding hardware know-how is required. Programming is mostly done in very close conjunction with the hardware. Our team of experienced programmers develops with assistance of modern compiler, and debug and programming tools.

We have dedicated experience with the following platforms:

  • ► Atmel AVR, ATMegaXXX
  • ► Microchip PICxx
  • ► AT89C51 XXX

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