For several years now, Hoffmann + Krippner has been installing EL-sheets. This technology allows for keyboards to be completely illuminated in one color. However, each button can now stand out individually.

The different colored SideLEDs are simply mounted on the PCB and illuminated in bright colors using diffusing panels. The sophisticated film structure developed by H+K provides the necessary light isolation and, therefore, the capability of illuminating individual keys.

This technology can of course be customized according to desired specifications:

Through embossing of the key surfaces or the application of GT domes, the design foil can be refined. The keyboard thickness can vary depending on the PCB used. The complete input solution can be tailored according to your specific application specifications and it is clearly visible when illuminated in the darkest application environments. Additional protection requirements can be addressed accordingly. IP ratings of IP54 and higher can be handled easily.

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