Industrial and high-precision sensors to measure travel, pressure, and distance exclusively Made In Germany

As of 2014, Hoffmann + Krippner, Inc. has been partnered with INELTA Sensorsysteme GmbH & Co. KG and PIL Sensoren GmbH. We are now able to offer a portfolio of Displacement Sensors, Load Cells, and Signal Conditioners, as well as Ultrasonic Sensors, exclusively made in Germany for the sensor technology 4.0.

This product portfolio of industrial sensors for factory automation is characterized by a high degree of German innovation. We are proud to offer a broad range of products for automation technology based on highest quality standards for common applications as well as custom solutions.

Our inductive technology product line, like the LVDT-Sensors used as industrial displacement sensors for exact travel measurement, complies with the highest market requirements in regards to sensor accuracyand harsh industrial environments for position measurement.

With our portofolio of force sensors we are able to offer a range of load cells from 0.1N up to 750kN. The inner strain gauge is protected with steel or aluminum housing.

The PIL Ultrasonic Sensors work as proximity sensors for non-contact measurement and are characterized by the versatility for a broad range of applications like fuel level sensing or object detection, with millimeter precision. With this kind of retro-refective wave we can measure and/or detect virtually all materials or liquids.

In addition to our sensor technologies we offer compatible accessories.

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