SensoInk Linear and Rotary Potentiometers

SensoInk by Hoffmann + Krippner is known as the polymer potentiometer technology. The resistive track is printed directly onto a circuit board material such as FR4 and the signal tapped using a conductive precious metal (beryllium) wiper. This cost effective yet very robust technology completes the product portfolio of displacement and angle sensors at Hoffmann + Krippner.

Due to the polymer paste developed in-house, Hoffmann + Krippner was able to successfully implement a polymer potentiometer on PET. This technology combines the advantages of PET, such as flexibility and cost, with the characteristics of high-strength polymer paste, surpassing the life cycles of any other PET-based product with scratch wiper on the market.

The decades of experience in the development and production of membrane switches, membrane potentiometers and complete turn-key systems provides the professional expertise in order to meet high quality and functionality requirements associated with polymer paste systems. With SensoInk Hoffmann + Krippner presents a new generation of thick-film paste printed polymer potentiometers.


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