Hoffmann + Krippner presents SensoInk, an innovative solution based on printed polymer pastes.
With its polymer thick film technology, SensoInk can be printed as potentiometers, resistors, switches or keyboard contacts on circuit boards or electronic components. It offers the opportunity to quickly and easily implement individual specifications without sacrificing quality. For more than 40 years we develop and manufacture products such as membrane keyboards (switches), ultra-flat membrane potentiometers and complex input systems. The professional know-how we gained throughout the years enables us to meet the highest standards in terms of quality and functionality for high end polymer paste systems.
This potentiometer option allows new and interesting possibilities for a variety of industrial applications.

Here some features of SensoInk:

  • • Excellent linearity, extreme durability and high temperature stability
  • • Cost efficient when used as potentiometer, high voltage or power resistor compared to conventional components
  • • Passive system without any negative electromagnetic effects (Electromagnetic compatibility)
  • • Only two components are required for signal transformation; a printed potentiometer track on a carrier material (e.g. FR4 or PET foil) and a conductive wiper
  • • Wear free, high-end polymer paste guarantees longer lifetime
  • • Can be printed directly on PCB board or PET and Kapton foils for applications on radial surfaces

For more information email us at info@hoffmann-krippner.com, or call at 770-487-1987.