Sensofoil® Membrane Potentiometers

Precision accuracy and nearly endless customizability

By measuring potential difference against a known voltage, potentiometers transmit an analogue signal proportional to the distance or angle being measured. In other words, they measure linear and rotary position with fine-tuned accuracy – a crucial function in a wide array of modern products and applications.

Membrane potentiometers – thanks to ultra-flat design and cost advantages – are particularly useful and adaptable to scenarios where traditional potentiometers would falter. The technical specifications of Hoffmann + Krippner Sensofoil® membrane potentiometers meet or exceed those of conventional potentiometers, creating a new world of potential uses for product designers and engineers.

Standard Specifications

> Flat design starting at 0.5 mm (Sensofoil PET)
> Linear and radial designs, can also be adjusted to different shapes
> Excellent linearity: 2% linear, 4% rotary
> Operating temperature ranges of -25⁰C to +55⁰C
> Sealed up to IP 65
> Operation possible by hand or wiper

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Why use a Hoffmann + Krippner Sensofoil® membrane potentiometer?

Our Sensofoil® membrane potentiometers offer cost advantages.

In general, a membrane potentiometer up to 700 mm in length presents a cost-effective option in place of traditional potentiometers: relatively inexpensive to manufacture, even with custom designs, they can be conveniently integrated in new and existing applications.

Our Sensofoil® membrane potentiometers can fit almost any application.

With Sensofoil®, Hoffmann + Krippner offers a fully customizable position sensor with almost limitless dimensions in length and radius, thanks to the flat and layered composition. In fact, almost any customer requirement can be fulfilled. Compared to standardized complete systems, the H+K potentiometers can easily be adapted to existing machines and applications in the design phase. Our team will guide you through the customization and implementation process.

Our Sensofoil® membrane potentiometers offer long service life.

Flat, durable, and sealed, Sensofoil® membrane potentiometers enjoy a service life between 1 million to 20 million operations. Depending on the model selected, they can even work in dirty, unstable, and/or hot environments. Integration in control units allows for fully sealed surfaces according to IP65. As an analogue sensor, the position signal is readily available even after a power outage. This eliminates the need for an otherwise potentially critical reset feature.

How It Works

Sensofoil® membrane potentiometers consist of several layers, which are separated by a so-called “spacer.” The layers include:

> Collector membrane as wiper tap for hand or wiper actuation
> Spacers between upper and lower membrane
> Basic membrane with potentiometer resistance track
> Adhesive film (according to application requirements)

Only when the layers connect through mechanical pressure, either by using a wiper or by hand, a signal is produced. The top collector membrane does not produce an electric output through the wiper, rather the wiper pressure causes an electrical tap between the layers where contact is made. Therefore the electric functions are sealed inside the potentiometer, protected against dust and liquids, and proves reliable in the most adverse conditions.

Industries and Applications

Sensofoil® membrane potentiometers work well anywhere precise and careful controls, inputs, or measurements are needed. Based on almost any customer requirements, Hoffmann + Krippner develops and produces in-house and supplies corresponding evaluation electronics and software if requested. Consider the following examples:


Capture motion in robotic equipment for the medical industry & precise position of moving equipment parts.


Monitor precise position of vehicle wheels and steering arm. 

Doors & Gates

Capture position of electric doors or monitor precise position of gate arms without having to perform a calibration trip (reset) in case of power failure.


Control and monitor position of robotic arms.

Industrial Automation

Control position in space restricted applications. Easy and simple integration into membrane switches. 

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