Membrane Potentiometer Development Kit


Limited time only – Get a free SensoForce, a printed Force Sensing Resistor (FSR) perfect for IoT applications, with your purchase of a Sensofoil Development Kit

Part Number 645 00 000
Included in Sensofoil Development Kit
1x 67600100 Sensofoil PET-PET Linear 50mm
1x 67600101 Sensofoil PET-PET Linear 100mm
1x 67600017 Sensofoil PET-PET Rotary 90°
1x 67600018 Sensofoil PET-PET Rotary 180°
1x 67600019 Sensofoil PET-PET Rotary 270°
1x 67600011 Sensofoil PET-PET Rotary 345°
1x 67600012 Sensofoil PET-PET Rotary 360°
1x 67600068 Sensofoil PET Magnet Linear 100mm
1x 67600062 Sensofoil PET-Hybrid Linear 100mm
1x 67600072 Sensofoil FR4-PET Linear 100mm
2x 60300001 Sensofoil Wiper 1-3N for Sensofoil with PET surface
1x 60300002 Sensofoil Wiper 2-6N for Sensofoil with Hybrid technology
1x 60300004 D44-N52 Magnet for Sensofoil Magnet