Product Design and Development

If you have an idea, we can make it happen.

As your partner from prototype to full production, Hoffmann + Krippner can help turn unfinished ideas into polished and marketable products.

Thanks to our extensive technical bandwidth, Hoffmann + Krippner can craft turnkey solutions that are both optimally functional and beautifully built, starting from rough ideas and ending with fully-fledged products.

From our expert engineers to our experienced project managers, Hoffmann + Krippner’s team can relieve you of the intense pressures and complex coordination required of product development. First, we can help you conceptualize, design, and prototype your products. Then, we can manufacture on whatever scale you need, from small series through large-scale production. Finally, from start to finish, we keep the development cycle on track, avoiding cost overruns, meeting schedules, and beating your competitors to market.

With thousands of successful projects and four decades of experience, we offer a well-oiled machine for transforming ideas into well-engineered realities.

What would you like to know about our turnkey solutions?

> How we can deftly manage comprehensive, complex projects end-to-end?
> How we collaborate closely with customers to realize their visions?
> How we are equally adept at software and hardware development?
> How we offer all the components needed for a complete turnkey solution?

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Any complete product represents the culmination of many complex processes involving a vast array of people, technologies, and actions.

Many Hoffmann + Krippner customers know what they want, but they may not have the capabilities or staffing in-house to design, prototype, test, and produce their vision. Often, product development represents such a huge undertaking that many companies find themselves facing ballooning budgets and slipping schedules with no finished product in sight.

For Hoffmann + Krippner, developing outstanding products is just another day at the office – and we can bring that same ease and confidence of turning an idea into a marketable product to your organization.
We host all the expertise, talent, and machinery in-house needed to render a completely realized product start-to-finish. With a diverse array of talent – as well as tight vertical integration between departments that specialize in software, hardware, and everything in-between – we can streamline almost any product development effort.

Our specialists are intimately familiar with the requirements of many different industries and technologies, and we draw from that deep well of knowledge to advise customers on how to best address their own customers’ needs. We can help create solutions with complex requirements in the fields of mechanical engineering, electrical engineering, military technology, automotive engineering, aviation, medical applications, and more. The standards and quality guidelines of these industries are part of our expertise, so that we can ensure products meet requirements for materials, tests, and inspections.

We then work with our customers through all stages of product development:

> Extensive consultation
> Design and engineering
> Prototype manufacturing
> Testing and quality assurance
> In-house production (both small series and large scale)

The customer’s needs govern every aspect of product design, development, and testing.

Hoffmann + Krippner emphasizes extensive consultation and customer support, no matter the project. During development, our team works closely with customers to meet their needs in the most efficient and effective way.

About ten percent of the total workforce at Hoffmann + Krippner works in development and design. This team collaborates closely with clients to develop the innovative concepts that can turn their products into marketplace successes.

Each project presents Hoffmann + Krippner with new challenges, so our team incorporates a wide array of skills and knowledge that it can apply to every project. That ensures we can meet any challenge thrown our way and deliver maximum project success.

In turn, everything our team does – from selecting hardware components to programming the interface, from designing the system to testing prototypes – is geared toward ensuring the customer succeeds in creating the perfect product for their needs.

Components and Options

Hoffmann + Krippner has everything you need to design and build world-class products.

HK Software Development


Input devices require more than just hardware to work; software is equally fundamental to modern products, devices, and equipment. Just as your products and equipment rely on input devices (from membrane switch keyboards to touchscreens) to work as intended and benefit the end-user, those input devices themselves rely on software for optimal operation. Hoffmann + Krippner and its partners incorporate expert software and firmware capabilities into the creation of beautiful, exceptional products engineered with everything needed – both under the hood and in the packaging – to facilitate a seamless interface between man and machine.

For more information, please visit our Software Solutions page.


Hoffmann + Krippner and its partners can design, develop, prototype and produce front panels, full enclosures, and enclosure parts according to your predefined parameters. We offer operating panels or boxes, hand-held devices, remote controls, or terminals in metal or plastic to guarantee complete one-piece input solutions both as standard and customer-specific designs, yielding the perfect solution from a wide array of exceptionally engineered aluminum, stainless steel, and plastic enclosures.

For more information, please visit our Enclosures page.

HK Software Development

Front Panels

We offer the highest level of mechanical processing of plastics, aluminum, and stainless steel with affordable accuracy. Extremely accurate press cutting, drilling and milling ensure precise implementation of your production specifications. 

Integration of membranes witches, touchscreens and displays
> Multi-layer dispensing of seals
In-house processing of materials
> Creative and exclusive design options
> Rapid prototyping 

Membrane Switch on PCB 2


Specialists in our Development and Engineering Division are competent in all relevant areas of electronics, control and microprocessor technology, controllers, bus systems, and standard interfaces. We offer printed circuit board (PCB) development and routing according to the most recent eCAD status constitute further components of our service portfolio. We comply with the most stringent regulatory controls and standards during production. This also applies to safety-relevant applications, including military, aviation, traffic engineering, and medical technology.

> Automated populating of snap domes
> Solder paste printing
> Populating LED on membrane foil
> PCB assembly
> In-house developed testing software for thorough final inspection

HK Software Development

3-D Printing (Additive Manufacturing)

We use the HP Multi Jet Fusion process for 3D printing. The innovative Multi Jet Fusion process combines the strengths of the two well-known rapid prototyping processes: Polyjet and Selective Laser Sintering (SLS).

We use additive manufacturing not only for prototypes, but also increasingly for medium and small series. Especially for components with a high degree of customization or particularly complicated geometries, 3D printing is definitely an ideal alternative or supplement to tried-and-tested processes. Take advantage of the benefits of 3D printing:

> Quick and easy implementation
> Only STEP data required, no tools
> Parts optimization through functional integration
> High level of customization

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