Coming soon! You will be able to make an appointment for an online consultation while experiencing our products live! Even without in-person visits and meetings, we would like to offer our customer and interested parties the opportunity to test products and technologies live. For this, we developed our extensive Technology Case. We put together product samples for you that showcase our complete service portfolio: membrane switches, touch solutions, control units with NFC technology, IoT devices, stainless steel enclosures and 3D printed plastic housing.

Current guidelines and the new trend of working from home make in-person meetings and consultations challenging – a challenge for all companies with products that require sample demonstrations. Above all, our input solutions stand out by how the user experiences the look and feel of the products. Our customers want to type, touch and swipe to be convinced of the quality of the product. We previously published a post on the “The Psychology of High-Quality Membrane Switches and Touch Screens”.

In order for product demos to take place again, we have developed a new concept: Product Demo 4.0!

We visit you online with product samples at your fingertips. We will ship the Technology Case to you in time for the online meeting, filled with products showcasing our entire portfolio. Together with one of our team members, you can experience and test out each product sample during the online meeting. Experience for yourself the material, form, functionality and decide whether certain solutions could be the perfect fit for one of your projects or applications. After the consultation, you simply ship the technology case back to us using the return label included. We will share additional information or an overview of the entire portfolio if requested.

What can you expect to be in the Technology Case?

  • NEW! Intelligent control units with an integrated NFC tag (
  • Backlit membrane switch with SideLED technology
  • Touchscreen solutions in various formats
  • NEW! backlit, ultrathin, capacitive sensor foil
  • Individual components of complex control units
  • ROSI IoT Gateway
  • Helibar Online-Barcode-Scanner
  • 3D printed and stainless steel housing samples

With our Technology Case we offer an online personal consultation with product samples at our fingertips.

Contact us today to pre-register for an online meeting – Be the first to get your hands on a Technology Case for a Product Demo 4.0!

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