Printed Electronics & Printed Sensors

Flat, flexible and light electronic assemblies for every industry

Years of expertise using printing technology enable us to make innovative products.

The first membrane switch was developed and produced in 1978 using printed electronics. Conductive pastes can now also be printed on substrates such as paper, textiles, or metal in addition to polyester.

Our functional foils and printed electronics enable compact, and extremely efficient electronic products that are used in every industry. Processing intelligent pastes that have various physical properties enable the production of new and innovative applications in minimized form factors without the use of additional, highly complex electronic components.

Printed functions create space-saving solutions in the most diverse areas of applications. Sample applications include:

> Printed circuits and resistors
> Transparent, translucent touch foils
> Hybrid assemblies (printed functions in combination with silicon-based electronics)
> Meanders for security technology
> Heating foils with PTC pastes
> In-mold electronics (printed functions in combination with injection molding technology)
> Smart packaging
> Printed batteries (primary and secondary cells)
> Printed antennas

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Printed Electronics Solutions

Many of our sensor technology projects are based on fully developed standards, which can be easily customized for you.

Sensofoil® membrane potentiometer / membrane position sensor

Flat, durable, and precise – sealed linear and rotary displacement available on PET.

SensoForce printed FSR (force sensitive resistor)

They change their voltage as a function of pressure. Among other applications, they can be used to measure fill levels or control the speed of a fan correlating to the pressure applied.

Capacitive Touch Sensors

With capacitive sensors printed on polyester or circuit board, they are small, light, and can be easily customized to your requirements with single or multi-colored lighting of surfaces, symbols, or frames. These elegant units have become popular for automotive controls as well as household appliances. Similar to touchscreens, the capacitive touch switches can be operated intuitively with only light touch.

The biggest advantage is the customizability: the printed capacitive, translucent control panels can be customized according to your requirements with flexible button shapes and sizes.

Custom Sensors

You have not found the right sensor for your application? No problem! We manufacture custom sensors according to your application requirements.

Possible functions:

> PH Sensors
> Temperature Sensors
> Humidity Sensors

In-Mold Electronics

The in-mold process combines printed electronics with injection molding technology. The film is inserted into the injection molding tool, seamlessly merging it with the plastic housing. Special substrates and pastes are used in order for the printed electronics to withstand this deformation.

In-Mold Electronics combines function with design and is used, for example, in the automotive industry where controls are embedded directly into the dashboard and operated like a touchscreen. Rotary knobs and switches are no longer necessary.

Flexible Hybrid Electronics

Two technology worlds collide: a printed electronics combined with conventional electronic components. Using conductive adhesives, components such as ICs and LEDs can also be integrated on flexible films.

A good example of this technology is the membrane switch with integrated LEDs: the circuit is printed, the LEDs attached using adhesive technology.

These hybrid electronics are used wherever thin, light and flexible electronic units are required. A technology that effortlessly meets the constantly increasing requirements: lowest possible weight, difficult substrates, limited installation space and custom sizes.

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