Sensofoil® Membrane Potentiometer

Sensofoil® PET-Magnet

Resistive track printed on PET film – integrated ferromagnetic strip allows for contactless operation using a magnet, even through a thin enclosure

Our Sensofoil® PET-Magnet features the same base composition as the Sensofoil® PET-PET, an additionally integrated ferromagnetic material between the layers of the potentiometer allows for contactless operation using a magnet. This technology allows for displacement and angle measurement through a thin enclosure. This contactless design also contributes to an extended life of up to 20 million cycles.

How does it work?

Based on the Sensofoil® PET-PET, a contactless operating option was developed for the Sensofoil® PET-Magnet. The magnet potentiometer also consist of several membrane layers. An additional ferromagnetic strip even makes it possible to actuate the potentiometer through a thin enclosure. The magnets pulling force creates the contact between the base membrane with printed resistive track and collector membrane, resulting in the electrical tap.

In order to meet diverse customer requirements, several varieties of the Sensofoil® Magnet have already been developed. Contactless operation with distances of 1mm up to 9mm have been extensively tested in-house by Hoffmann + Krippner and successfully applied. Overcoming larger distances between magnet and potentiometer are now feasible. Easy maintenance of the position sensor is another advantage.

Technical Details

  • ► Linear and radial designs
  • ► Operating temperature: 0°C to +55°C
  • ► Storage temperature: -25°C to +85°C
  • ► Length up to 900mm
  • ► Up to 20 million operations
  • ► Linearity: 2% linear design
  • ► IP Rating: up to IP54
  • ► Flat design starting at 1.6mm


  • ► Contactless operation
  • ► Easily adapted to customer specific design


  • ► Collector membrane as wiper tap
  • ► Ferromagnetic strip
  • ► Spacers
  • ► Potentiometer resistive track
  • ► Adhesive film

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