Sensofoil® Membrane Potentiometer

Sensofoil® PET-Hybrid

Resistive track printed on PET film – integrated metal strip for higher temperature resistance and longer life cycle

Based on the Sensofoil® PET-PET, the new generation of Sensofoil® PET-Hybrid was developed to withstand high temperatures. A flexible metal strip is integrated into the potentiometer, preventing permanent deformations or “dents”, making it operational at temperatures of up to +85°C. Deformations typically occur starting at +55°C or due to prolonged, static pressure resulting from wiper inactivity. Sensofoil® PET-Hybrid is often applied in the automotive industry, aerospace applications and industrial applications experiencing high operating temperatures.

How does it work?

The operating principle is identical to the Sensofoil® PET-PET. The Hybrid potentiometer also consists of several layers, separated by a so called spacer. Merely the integrated metal strip for higher temperature resistance is the distinguishing characteristic between the Sensofoil® PET-Hybrid and Sensofoil® PET-PET. By using a finger or wiper, the mechanical pressure is applied to the collector membrane, contact is made between the metal strip and base membrane, creating internal electrical tap. The respective voltage is analyzed and the Hybrid potentiometer functions as a durable and long-lasting voltage divider.

Technical Details

  • ► Linear and radial designs
  • ► Operating temperature: -25°C to +85°C
  • ► Storage temperature: -25°C to +85°C
  • ► Length up to 900mm
  • ► Up to 10 million operations
  • ► Linearity: 2% linear design
  • ► IP Rating: up to IP65
  • ► Flat design starting at 0.5mm


  • ► No “dent effect”
  • ► Particularly robust
  • ► Operation possible by hand or wiper
  • ► Easily adapted to customer specific design
  • ► Particular robust due to integrated metal strip


  • ► Collector membrane as wiper tap
  • ► Metal strip (Hybrid technology)
  • ► Spacers
  • ► Potentiometer resistive track
  • ► Adhesive film

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