Thanks to close, vertically integrated relationships with companies within the HK Group and partner organizations, Hoffmann + Krippner can supply individual components, build an entire solution, or even take a raw idea from its initial form through final production, all in-house. We offer not only all of the individual components that might be required – sensors, enclosures, membrane switches, input and display technologies, software solutions, IoT technologies, etc. – but also all of the capabilities needed to fabricate and bring them together into a unique, high quality product. As a result, we can meet the needs for almost any industrial customer, all with a single point of contact.

The HK Group


Helicom is an idea factory for creating the perfect man-to-machine interface. With specialties in developing software for input devices and other products that need to capture and communicate data, Helicom can create the tools and overall package needed to facilitate a harmonious relationship between the machine, its users, and its network of devices.


Industrialpartners uses an interdisciplinary team of engineers and designers to seamlessly coordinate and marry device aesthetic with function. As a result, Industrialpartners can create gorgeous products that simultaneously meet their functional requirements perfectly, tailored to meet the needs of the customer. From idea to production, Industrialpartners can create the right solution.

ROBIOTIC by Hoffmann + Krippner

Robiotic does IoT from start-to-done, providing customers with everything the Internet of Things (IoT) lifecycle requires. Robiotic is the only IoT provider that has mastered the entire IoT process chain – from sensor technology through sales and payment and even after-sales needs – and implements IoT projects holistically. Robiotic is a joint venture between Hoffmann + Krippner GmbH and TK-World AG.


TES-Frontdesign creates exceptionally high-quality aluminum and steel housing. With state-of-the-art equipment and technologies, certified experts (like welders who can create almost invisible welds even in stainless steel), and an enormous range of processing options and surface treatments, TES-Frontdesign can craft beautiful and functional enclosures to meet almost any need.

Our Partners


conbee makes objects smarter with efficient solutions for asset and fleet tracking! Their Smart TAGs capture relevant data securely and in real time, relying on various modern ultra-low-power wireless technologies. conbee optimizes processes to provide flexible and cost-efficient solutions for various use-cases such as warehouse and airport logistics, construction site and container tracking. 


With decades of experience in web app development, Egotec can create the cloud-based software platforms that enable industrial devices to operate and communicate seamlessly and reliably with users and other devices on the network. Egotec also offers their own secured networks to ensure safe data transfer. Their applications and software platforms enable users to save labor costs and increase productivity.


Through OKW, we offer a full-blown line of plastic and aluminum enclosures for housing all types of OEM electronics equipment. In addition to available standard models, enclosures can be made-to-order to accommodate any customer requirements, including every conceivable customizing technology and process, and supplied fully finished and ready for immediate mounting.


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