Hardware and design engineers can now benefit from fully functioning membrane switches available through the H+K online shop to assist in prototyping and ensure quality and design standards satisfy and fulfill application requirements before committing to a custom solution.

As pointed out in a recent blog, membrane switches and complete user interface solutions determine how users and operators value devices and equipment. Every aspect of the user’s interaction including visual, acoustic and tactile should be taken into consideration during the development and design phase.

To assist with the selection of essential components and layers of a membrane switch and user interface assembly, Hoffmann + Krippner is now offering a portfolio of samples. Membrane Switch Samples

An in-depth look at the membrane switch assembly can be found here. A few essential components include:

  • Graphic overlays
  • Key options including shapes, sizes, tactile feedback, etc.
  • Circuitry on PET or PCB
  • Integrated LEDs for backlighting
  • Integrated sensor components

Get a sample today to assist with prototyping and design decisions or to impress your next customer with the outstanding craftsmanship of your manufacturing partner, Hoffmann + Krippner Inc.

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