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DESIGN GUIDE to your perfect HMI

Whether membrane switches, touchscreens or a combination of both, input devices and user-interfaces are about more than just functional effectiveness – they also impact user experience.


If you are planning a redesign of an existing unit or a development of a completely new device, this DESIGN GUIDE is for you – we will guide you through the various components and specifications that should be considered when designing and developing your next input device. An overview of information and specifications we will ask for in order to evaluate feasibility and calculate a proposal for your custom solution is outlined as well.

The DESIGN GUIDE provides an overview of individual components and available options such as:

  • Membrane Overlay
  • Tactile vs Non-Tactile Membrane Switches
  • Capacitive Switches and Touchscreens
  • Front Glass and Optical Bonding
  • Enclosures
  • LEDs and Backlighting
  • Composition / Flexible vs PCB
  • Electrical Schematics
  • Protection through IP Rating, EMC Shielding, etc.

The DESIGN GUIDE outlines specifications based on the following considerations:

  • Design and Aesthetic Properties
  • Application Environment
  • Mechanical Requirements
  • Electrical Requirements
  • Certifications and Quality Assurance

Our Design Guide Blog Series in a Downloadable E-Book

In addition to the Design Guide To Your Perfect User-Interface, this blog series guides readers through a comprehensive overview of the design elements that need to be considered when designing the perfect HMI. We have combined the blog series in this easy accessible and downloadable e-book.

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