During a presentation entitled “Development of a Noise-Free Position Encoding Device for Spaceflight Use”, the joint development work was introduced this September in Konstanz, Germany.

Last year, Hoffmann + Krippner was approached by MOOG Inc., a worldwide leading manufacturer of precision motion control products and systems, to develop a series of position sensors for space flight and satellite applications based on the SENSOFOIL® product line. By the end of the development phase, the position sensor was to withstand the extreme conditions in outer space.

The new potentiometer concept is based a rotary version of the patented SENSOFOIL®-Hybrid technology, fulfilling the requirements for space applications. Specific parameters have to be more strictly observed compared to those necessary for applications on earth. Reliable functionality in high vacuum conditions and the materials’ release of gases play a key role.

Unique features of this product are the missing noise and drop out characteristics commonly associated with conventional potentiometers, the ultra flat design and linearity better than 0.25%.

Attendees at the symposium were captured by this technology, as revealed during subsequent discussions – the level of innovation and resulting possibilities were ranked very high.

Download the article in its entirety by Ruben Nalbandian (MOOG) and Stefan Berres (Hoffmann + Krippner):


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