For a limited time only, get your Sensofoil membrane potentiometer development / evaluation kit for only $50.00 (reduced from $112.24). With your purchase, we will also include a free sample of our SensoForce, a printed Force Sensing Resistor (FSR) perfect for IoT applications.

With the development kit you get a select variety from our standard product portfolio, both linear and rotary options, for initial testing and development purposes to fine-tune the perfect fit for your application.

Why use Hoffmann + Krippner Sensofoil membrane potentiometers? They enable your product’s full potential with precision accuracy and nearly endless customizability.

Cost advantages

In general, a membrane potentiometer up to 700 mm in length presents a cost-effective option in place of traditional potentiometers: relatively inexpensive to manufacture, even with custom designs, they can be conveniently integrated in new and existing applications.

Perfect fit for almost any application

With Sensofoil®, Hoffmann + Krippner offers a fully customizable position sensor with almost limitless dimensions in length and radius, thanks to the flat and layered composition. In fact, almost any customer requirement can be fulfilled. Our industry-leading Sensofoil® team will guide you through the customization and implementation process.

Durability and long service life

Flat, durable, and sealed, Sensofoil® membrane potentiometers enjoy a service life between 1 million to 20 million operations. Depending on the model selected, they can even work in dirty, unstable, and/or hot environments. Integration in control units allows for fully sealed surfaces according to IP65. As an analogue sensor, the position signal is readily available even after a power outage. This eliminates the need for an otherwise potentially critical reset feature.

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