Industrial Load Cells

Inelta force sensors have been specifically developed for measuring static and dynamic forces in all industrial sectors, ranging from mechanical engineering, automation engineering, to laboratory and medical technology. The strain gage (DMS) is protected by a steel or aluminum housing and is thus suitable for use in rough environments.

Inelta develops, manufactures and calibrates reliable force sensors, which are all supplied with force certificates.


  • Measuring ranges from 0.1 to 750kN
  • Pressure and tension measurements
  • Robust structure, including miniature models
  • Integrated or external sensor signal amplifier
  • High breaking strength range
  • Critical load limit of up to 300% F.S.
  • Robust steel or aluminum housing
  • Expanded temperature range -40°C to 120°C

Areas of application:

  • Force measurements in all industrial sector related to mechanical engineering, automation technology, laboratory and medical technology, etc.
  • Weighing facilities and materials handling technology, measurements on sports and similar equipment
  • Test equipment in production facilities
  • Establishment of pretension and surface pressure for handling devices
  • Detection devices, forming dies, extruding, stamping
  • Suitable to be used as a set point adjuster
  • Integrated in linear actuators

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