Updated web presence for load cells and force sensors

Hoffmann + Krippner, Inc. proudly announces that some of the most reliable load cells and force sensors manufactured by Inelta are now part of their US product portfolio! Force sensors from Hoffmann + Krippner partner Inelta can measure loads with unparalleled accuracy, reliability and flexibility. They have specifically been developed for measuring static and dynamic forces in all industrial sectors, including mechanical engineering, automation engineering and laboratory and medical technology. The strain gage is protected by a steel or aluminum housing and is thus suited for use in rough and demanding environments.

Easily accessible product information for each product category allows the customer to spend less time searching and get right into implementing the perfect load cell and force sensor solutions into their applications.

Datasheets, list of specifications, product news, blog posts showcasing various types of applications as well as our engineering team are all important tools available to our customers.

Feel free to browse through the following product categories:

  • Button load cells: measuring pressure either from one or two directions
  • In-line load cells: measuring without direct contact by attaching to an intermediate object
  • Pancake load cells: measuring push / pull or compression / tension connecting at multiple locations with rods going through the center or other points
  • S-beam load cells: appropriate for heavy-duty loads such as industrial cranes, containers, trains, etc.
  • Bending beam load cells: measuring shear force up to 10 kilos

Please contact us if you need assistance in selecting the perfect load cell solution for your application.