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Hoffmann + Krippner supplies industry leading sensor solutions for a wide range of industries and applications – medical, industrial, food processing just to name a few. With a high-level of in-house product development and engineering, we are able to provide an extensive product portfolio of standard and custom sensor solutions

Printed Sensors

  • Sensofoil® membrane sensors: linear and rotary position sensing (incl. custom designs)
  • SensoInk polymer poteniometers: resistive track printed directly on FR4 or PET for displacemen and angle measurement
  • SensoForce printed force sensing resistors (FSR): Custom pressure-sensitive sensors ideal for IoT applications

LVDT Sensors

  • Extreme precision  and peak performance
  • Dynamic response fuels fast, repeatable functionality
  • Unlimited mechanical life and absolute output

Ultrasonic Sensors

  • High resolution
  • Optimum precision
  • Long detection range

As part of the Hoffmann + Krippner Group, ROBIOTIC is able expand our expertise with full range IoT services, including IoT-relevant components, required from start-to-done.

Efficient Solutions for Smart Asset Tracking

  • Hybrid TAG L500: the BLE/LoRa® HybridTAG is ideally suited for IoT and M2M applications.
  • SmartTAG B200R: the BLE SmartTAG is ideally suited for IoT applications

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