Washable, Medical Grade Keyboards

Keyboards for hygienically demanding application environments

The keywi Cleanboard is the safest medical keyboard available in the market. Unlike other so-called “medical keyboards”, which are made of porous rubber or silicon materials, the CleanBoard features a high-end film surface, optionally coated with an antimicrobial material and fully sealed.

All it takes is 10 seconds and the CleanBoard is fully disinfected and ready to use – without disconnecting the keyboard from medical devices. Common hospital disinfection liquids can be used to clean the keyboard, the surface is also resistive to pure alcohol.

The integrated mouse pad eleminates another risk of infections, as it makes external mouse devices unnecessary. The keyboard also features an integrated numeric keypad for easy data input.

With an IP65 rating, keywi PC keyboards are splash proof, making cleaning easy and fast. The ultra-flat design-housing delivers a product that is not only resistant to all common disinfectants but is also particularly attractive. The integrated mouse pad eliminates another risk of infections, as it makes external mouse devices unnecessary.

Customizable medical keyboards from keywi are ideal for use in medical technology with an antimicrobial surface to reliably destroy the reproductive capabilities of many viruses and bacteria.


> Customization available
> Easy & fast to clean – completely disinfected in 10 seconds!
> Fully sealed enclosure
> Integrated disinfection reminder via LED
> Integrated mouse pad
> Non-porous high-tech film surface
> USB Plug & Play – no installation necessary
> Optional antimicrobial surface

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Why use medical keyboards?

In hygienically demanding surroundings, all surfaces and objects with which personnel come into contact must be sterile. An antimicrobial foil membrane on a membrane keyboard ensures consistent protection against bacterial contamination.

Hoffmann + Krippner uses a special membrane foil coated in Microban and surrounds it in a completely sealed, beautifully designed exterior housing that is scratch and chemical resistant and withstands common disinfectants.

Using an antimicrobial PC keyboard, like the keywi CleanBoard, is a significant step forward in the drive to tackle Hospital-Acquired Infections and cut the number of cases of MRSA and other communicable diseases and illnesses.

Hoffmann + Krippner offers a 10-year warranty on the antimicrobial effect of the keywi CleanBoard and MediBoard.

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