Hoffmann + Krippner has a simple but powerful business philosophy: apply world-class German engineering and design to the creation of high-quality products. Simultaneously, we are always looking for ways to apply that philosophy in innovative ways that will benefit our customers.

To that end, Hoffmann + Krippner has embarked on a new joint venture in the rapidly advancing realm of digitization, cloud technologies, and the Internet of Things (IoT): ROBIOTIC.

Welcome to ROBIOTIC

With access to all the resources of Hoffmann + Krippner and our partners, yet small enough to remain nimble and responsive in a rapidly-changing market, ROBIOTIC is ideally situated to bring all the advantages of both IoT and Hoffmann + Krippner’s hallmark philosophy to our customers.

ROBIOTIC also approaches its work in a standout way: it offers genuinely end-to-end IoT implementations.

  1. To start, ROBIOTIC utilizes industry-leading Hoffmann + Krippner components that can virtually any variable to any degree to meet the client’s needs.
  2. From there, ROBIOTIC’s engineers enable the connectivity required to allow the devices to transmit data seamlessly to the cloud – whether they’re on-site, in-transit, or far away — so data can be captured and relayed in real-time.

Many IoT companies stop at this point; once the devices are deployed and connected to the cloud, they deem their work done. Not so with ROBIOTIC. Connected sensors are not new; what’s new – and where ROBIOTIC excels – is transforming physical touchpoints and smart devices into smarter decisions and brand new business models. So, where other organizations stop, ROBIOTIC is just getting started

  1. Next, ROBIOTIC integrates the data into the customer’s business platforms of choice, like SAP, Salesforce, and Microsoft Azure. By fully integrating the data into a CRM or ERP, customers can maximize its usefulness.
  2. Last but not least, ROBIOTIC helps customers put its newfound wealth of data to good use. From tracking customer behavior to improve sales processes to automating time-consuming tasks to identifying new after-sales opportunities, ROBIOTIC’s customers can be assured they’re getting an IoT implementation that can deliver real results. And there’s more to this point that meets the eye.

The returns produced by a successful, end-to-end IoT venture aren’t just incremental or iterative.

They are transformative.

Yes, they enable organizations to generate more sales, operate more efficiently, and find ways to reduce costs. Those are all worthy forms of ROI. But ROBIOTIC goes further, empowering its customers to develop brand new business models, seize new opportunities before they’re lost, and remain competitive in a fast-evolving marketplace.

For example, consider an organization that manufactures some form of machinery. This client invests in sensors to help them understand how they can improve their own operations; but with the right guiding hand, they can also incorporate the sensors into the machines themselves to help their own customers predictively identify when a machine needs maintenance. The organization could then create a new revenue stream from their customers paying for access to this valuable data. And that’s just one example out of an endless array of possibilities.

And it’s all built on sensors and equipment produced by Hoffmann + Krippner, so that you can be confident that the sensors will meet the most exacting requirements for performance, durability, and reliability – and help you get what you really want: not just a fleet of new sensors, but a load of new business opportunities and possibilities.

To learn more about ROBIOTIC, visit https://www.robiotic.biz.