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Connectivity and IoT solutions

enable communication between devices. We provide connectivity for sensor applications and input devices via mobile communication and develop custom IoT solutions. Capturing, transferring and visualizing data increases your productivity and creates transparency.

With ROBIOTIC in our company network HK SYSTEMS, we offer complete customer-specific solutions in times of Industry 4.0 and digitalization.


How does connectivity work?

Your device is equipped with an M2M SIM card and reliably transfers the collected data to the cloud. With the intelligent software architecture of ROBIOTIC.RICO®, all sensor and machine data are processed and analyzed securely in the cloud. Further processes can be triggered fully automatically according to predefined rules.

Using individually programmed APIs, we ensure that the collected data can be transferred to your existing CRM or ERP system. Efficient and multi-level billing models create financial added value for your IoT project.


  • Data transmission via cellular network
  • SIM card with its own H+K rate plan
  • Functionality guaranteed in Europe, USA and Canada
  • NB-IoT and LoRa as energy and data-saving options

Your Connectivity Options

Thanks to the partnership with Deutsche Telekom, we can offer our customers SIM cards with their own H+K rate plans. This can be customized depending on requirements and designed as a flat rate offered in combination with devices. The SIM cards used work throughout Europe, as well as in the USA and Canada. In addition to the 2G, 3G and LTE standards, we also offer energy and data saving options LTE-M and NB-IoT as well as LoRa (Long Range Wireless) and BLE (Bluetooth Low Energy).

The advantage of mobile communication over WLAN is that customers no longer have to install anything on site. The devices are immediately ready for use thanks to Plug & Play.

5G as the transmission standard

Starting in 2020, the 5G network will be available in the US and Germany and will optimize mobile data transmission thanks to higher bandwidths. Thanks to 5G, the requirements of a constantly growing worldwide data traffic are met, also creating the basis for new applications and business models, such as the Internet of Things


ROSI – The ROBIOTIC Sensor Interface

Our subsidiary ROBIOTIC specializes in holistic IoT solutions and has developed its own battery-operated IoT gateway called ROSI. The gateway communicates with our proprietary cloud via a modem equipped with an M2M SIM card.

Thanks to its robust housing (according to IP65), the IoT gateway can be used for all sensors in an industrial environment: e.g. for fill level monitoring in vending machines or for door contact detection in remote buildings. ROSI can equipped with a variety of sensors or connections to various bus systems. This way, any information and data can be sent to the cloud service.

In the area of cloud platforms, H+K offers Microsoft Azure systems hosted by Telekom in Germany. Systems such as Amazon Web Service (AWS) and Salesforce Heroku are also an option.

Automated Processes

More than simply collecting data is required when using IoT solutions to increase efficiency, cut cost or map business processes.

The specialists at our subsidiary ROBIOTIC will develop the right solution for you based on the available data. Various scenarios and questions, such as “What happens if…?” and the resulting processes will be defined. 

In order to fully take advantage of the added value of an IoT solution, seamless integration of the data into your existing software is key to success.

ROBIOTIC is a partner of Salesforce, SAP, Microsoft and Siemens and has access to their proven standard cloud platforms. Using custom developed APIs (Application Programming Interfaces), ROBIOTIC ensures a custom made link to your systems.

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