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We connect sensors, input devices and industrial electronics with cloud platforms and business software.

Smart Systems for Every Industry

Smart devices make our everyday life easier. Smart machines make our work easier.

Capturing, transferring and visualizing data increases productivity and creates transparency.

With our new division for Connected Devices, we offer custom IoT solutions from sensors, data transfer via mobile communication to cloud platforms and ERP systems to transparent billing models.

In close collaboration with our newest daughter company ROBIOTIC, we master the entire IoT process chain: hardware, software, services.

Our Customers Value the One-Stop-Shop Experience

IoT projects require knowledge in different areas and our experts cover all disciplines needed from initial idea to fully developed IoT product.

After we saw the first intelligent counter developed by our customer, glass manufacturer Rastal, it was immediately clear to us that the first intelligent beer coaster would be the perfect addition – so we developed it in collaboration with ROBIOTIC!

The “Smart Coaster” is equipped with sensors from Hoffmann + Krippner that measure the weight of the glass sitting on top, thus detecting its fill level. Using a SIM card, this data is transferred to the cloud via mobile communication and visualized on a custom dashboard. This provides service staff with real time information on fill level and visualization of order requests to proactively approach guests.

With the help of the Smart Coaster, breweries and restaurants can analyze the quantities and days / times of consumption for each beer. The data collected can also be enriched with additional information. With weather data for example, restaurants and beverage manufacturers could quickly and easily run promotions or trigger targeted actions based on the current situation.

Thanks to the partnership with Deutsche Telekom, we can offer the mobile network connection to our customers at an H+K rate. This H+K IoT plan can be customized according to requirements and designed as a flat rate combined with hardware. The mobile phone cards used are functional through out Europe as well as in the USA and Canada. In addition to 3G and LTE standards, we also offer the low energy and low data options LTE-M and NB-IoT as well as BLE (Bluetooth Low Energy).

The advantage of mobile communication over WLAN is that customers no longer have to set up any infrastructure on site. The devices are operational immediately according to Plug & Play, even abroad.

5G as the Transmission Standard

The 5G network becomes available in the US and Germany in 2020 and will optimize mobile data transmission thanks to higher bandwidths.

Thanks to 5G, the requirements of a constantly growing worldwide data traffic are met, also creating the basis for new applications and business models, such as the Internet of Things.

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