In-Mold Decorating (IMD)

Special surface effects to achieve a high quality design and hygienic user interfaces


In-mold decorating (IMD) combines plastic parts with decorative graphic overlays to create an elegant user interface. We use a high pressure process to shape the film that has been custom printed according to your design requirements. During production, the film is inserted into the injection molding tool, merging the plastic part and design film into a single unit.

With IMD, there is no need for further printing or using of adhesives for injection molded plastic parts. The result: you get intelligent and stylish user interfaces that are protected against dirt, dust and liquids. Even unsightly edges or gaps, common when gluing plastic parts, are a thing of the past with in-mold decorating.



Why should you use IMD solutions?

User interfaces with in-mold decorating create a high-end design for your application. Regardless of whether it is matte, high-gloss or with a metal look – we ensure an elegant surface design and a pleasant feel. IMD is particularly suitable for capacitive buttons, sliders or rotary functions.

Additional backlighting can highlight important control elements for your users, even in adverse lighting conditions. You can even include specific design features on your device front with an illuminated logo. Recessed key surfaces create optimal finger guidance.





Your advantages:

Eye-catching design for your users: matte, high-gloss or metal look
Elegant surface look and pleasant feel
Design highlights with additional backlighting
Recessed key surfaces for optimal finger guidance
Compatible with capacitive buttons, sliders and rotary functions
Surface protected against abrasion and fading
Very easy to clean and disinfect


IMD for capacitive keys

In-mold decorating is particularly suitable for the integration of capacitive controls. We combine the modern touch function with an elegant user interface all in one piece. Capacitive buttons, sliders or rotary functions (wheels) on a circuit board are mounted directly behind the plastic part. The matching electronics unit can also be found on the back of the circuit board, so that no additional circuit board is necessary.

We highlight important areas of your IMD solution with backlighting of symbols and buttons. Homogeneous, bright and durable, our backlighting technology stands out in both low light and bright operating conditions. Symbols within the capacitive fields and larger areas such as logos can be illuminated in the color of your choice.





Our in-mold decorating demo unit will be available soon!

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