Sensofoil® Membrane Potentiometer

Sensofoil® FR4-PET

Resistive track printed on circuit board

Starting with the Sensofoil® PET-PET, this position sensor is based on FR4 Material. The resistive track is no longer printed on a polyester film but on a circuit board. Besides the adhesive back, FR4 as base material offers multiple mounting options such as screws or clamps. It is also possible to equip the base material, providing common bonding options of a circuit board.

How does it work?

The operating principle of the Sensofoil® FR4-PET is identical to the Sensofoil® PET-PET. Instead of being on a PET foil, the resistive track is now printed on the FR4 base material. The resistive track is separated from the collector membrane by a spacer. The mechanical pressure is applied, by using a wiper or finger, contact is made between collector membrane and the circuit board. The position and respective voltage is determined inside of the sealed system. The collector membrane protects the potentiometer from attrition and provides protection against dust and liquids.

Technical Details

  • ► Linear and radial designs
  • ► Operating temperature: -25°C to +55°C
  • ► Storage temperature: -25°C to +85°C
  • ► Length up to 500mm
  • ► Up to 3 million operations
  • ► Linearity: 2% linear design
  • ► IP Rating: up to IP54
  • ► Flat design starting at 0.9mm


  • ► Operation possible by hand or wiper
  • ► Easily adapted to customer specific design


  • ► Spacers
  • ► Circuit board with potentiometer resistive track
  • ► Adhesive film or various connector options

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