Sensofoil® Membrane Potentiometer

Sensofoil® FR4-Magnet

Resistive track printed on circuit board – integrated ferromagnetic strip allows for contactless operation using a magnet, even through a thin enclosure

Magnetic potentiometers can also be manufactured on FR4 material. The integrated ferromagnetic material creates a magnetic pull, strong enough to work through an enclosure using the appropriate magnet. This technology allows for contactless and wear-free operation. Due to the circuit board, the Sensofoil® FR4-Magnet provides various mounting options besides the standard adhesive film.

How does it work?

The operating principle of the Sensofoil® PET-Magnet can also be applied to the Sensofoil® FR4-Magnet. The base membrane is replaced by a circuit board, providing further connecting and mounting options. The FR4 board can also be equipped based on customer requirements.

Technical Details

  • ► Linear and radial designs
  • ► Operating temperature: 0°C to +55°C
  • ► Storage temperature: -25°C to +85°C
  • ► Length up to 500mm
  • ► Up to 20 million operations
  • ► Linearity: 2% linear design
  • ► IP Rating: up to IP54
  • ► Flat design starting at 2.1mm


  • ► Contactless operation
  • ► Easily adapted to customer specific design


  • ► Collector membrane as wiper tap
  • ► Ferromagnetic strip
  • ► Spacers
  • ► Circuit board with potentiometer resistive track
  • ► Adhesive film or various connector options

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