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GUI Programming by Hoffmann + Krippner

With the “flexx-GUI“, Hoffmann + Krippner presents a flexible platform for graphical user interfaces that can be customized according to individual requirements due to a modular design. The cost benefits of this platform open up new application possibilities. Many simple control and display components such as switches, illuminated buttons and lights can be replaced by a more informative HMI for pratically the same price. The wiring and, therefore, the installation is much easier, providing increased flexibility.

Where users had to choose between various standard products or costly and time consuming customized solutions, the flexx-GUI now provides a great alternative. flexx-GUI can also be utilized for small series production runs right out of the box. The modular concept serves as a base for easy customizations; only function or design changes are needed to develop a new interface. The result – rapid and cost-effective implementation.

The basic model includes a 4.3” VGA TFT display with capacitive user interface. The capacitive touch screen is protected with a high quality, customizable 1mm cover glass. Specifications include the ARM 9 processor with 450 MHz based on an open embedded Linux operating system. Many software solutions are supported such as QT Quick for graphic representation as well as processing of simple control functions. Standard interfaces including Ethernet, USB and RS232 and power is supplied through 24V DC or a USB port. We provide a long list of options for those with custom preferences. Almost anything is possible from larger displays and numerous interfaces such as Bluetooth, WLAN, or CAN, up to extensive adjustments to the front glass, touch screen and housing.

flexx-GUI: the capacitive alternative to traditional membrane switches. flexx-GUI is $299 plus shipping and handling. Contact H+K today to order.


  • capacitive touch screen
  • customizable 1mm coverglass
  • easy to clean
  • Temperature range 0-70°C

Optional Interfaces:

  • 1x I2C on expansion slot
  • 1x Debug UART
  • 4x GPIO
  • 1x MCV 1.5/2-GF-3.5 terminal for 24V +DCDC
  • WLAN or Bluetooth as USB module

External Interfaces:

  • 1x USB2.0
  • 1x RJ45
  • 1x miniUSB for power

Internal Interfaces:

  • 1x USB2.0


  • Linux
  • QT Version: 4.7
  • SDK with cross compiler for QT development available
  • CPU: ARM926EJ-S™ 454 MHz max
  • RAM: 64MB
  • Flash: SD-Flash with 4GB (<500mb …)
  • Display: 4.3“ 480×320 pixle resolution 16.7 million colors
  • Touch screen: capacitive
  • Housing: solid aluminum, silver anodized

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