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Enclosures are key to creating a successful input device. No input device can perform optimally if its enclosure or housing isn’t perfect. Successful products rely on enclosures that are built to high quality standards and perfectly suited to their intended applications and operating environments. Hoffmann + Krippner can provide inexpensive standard enclosures with modifications in size, shape, and finish, or complete bespoke solutions using state-of-the-art production capabilities. For both metal and plastic enclosures and prototyping or large-scale production, we and our network of vertically integrated partners can guarantee a complete one-piece input solution produced according to either standard or customer-specific designs.

We can develop 3D CAD designs of enclosures and enclosure parts according to your predefined parameters. We offer operating panels or boxes, hand-held devices, remote controls, or terminals in metal or plastic to guarantee complete one-piece input solutions both as standard and customer-specific designs. In cooperation with OKW (as a joint venture partner) and TES-Frontdesign (as part of the Hoffmann + Krippner Group), Hoffmann + Krippner offers the perfect solution from a wide array of exceptionally engineered aluminum, stainless steel, and plastic enclosures and corresponding components. This also includes mechanical processing through milling, or surface and interior finishes.

Hoffmann + Krippner can thus produce unique enclosures for any input solution utilizing a range of materials, all from a single source. All our housing options offer attractive and ergonomic design, user-centric functionality, and high-quality construction and finishes designed to fit seamlessly into the intended environment and application.

What would you like to know about our enclosures?

> How we offer customized solutions for small and large-scale production?
> How we offer single source solutions for complete enclosures?
> How we offer an extensive range of options to meet any need?
> How electronics and enclosures are explicitly coordinated?

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We can create complete custom enclosure solutions.

Hoffmann + Krippner can offer total flexibility in how we approach your enclosure project. Customers can provide their own designs for production and manufacturing; Hoffmann + Krippner can create the design based on user-supplied specifications for their needs; or customers can leverage our extensive library of existing enclosure and housing designs. Thus, Hoffmann + Krippner can create complete enclosure solutions entirely from scratch or produce an exemplary end-product perfectly suited to the customer’s needs.

We can develop your own customized enclosure design from scratch or convert your existing 3D models into a complete product. Whether table or wall housing, handheld or wearable, including enclosures designed in accordance with protection classes IP65/66/67, we offer the perfect fit for all applications.

Customization options include:

> Processing of steel and aluminum
Chromated, passivated, anodized and stained surface finishes
> Powder coating, lacquering, printing, decor foils, and more
> Labeling using screen printing (incl. three-dimensional objects) or digital printing
> Machining technology for carrier plates made of aluminum and plastic
> Welding and compression of connecting elements
> Dispensing of two-dimensional gaskets (two-component PU system)
> High-quality surface finish by grinding, brushing, polishing, scotch-padding or glass bead blasting
> And more

We offer single-source solutions for enclosures.

With TES-Frontdesign GmbH as part of the HK Network and close partnership with OKW, two of Germany’s premiere producers of enclosures, Hoffmann + Krippner can offer unbeatable expertise and capabilities in designing, prototyping, testing, refining, and manufacturing enclosures of all varieties. By closely integrating the work of these organizations, Hoffmann + Krippner can offer its customers a single-source option for developing enclosures and enclosure parts.

Through TES, Hoffmann + Krippner can leverage extensive expertise in metal processing and refinement and offer best-in-class stainless steel welding. TES’ welders can produce housing with solid, smooth, virtually invisible welds. OKW specializes in plastic enclosures that provide attractive, high-performance designs while protecting integrated electronics.

We can accommodate an extensive range of options.

Enclosure design, construction, and materials impact performance, durability, and reliability. To accommodate a range of functional needs, environmental considerations, and aesthetics, we offer a variety of options for every enclosure. For example, customers can select an enclosure material including aluminum, plastic, and stainless steel to satisfy almost any environmental consideration, strength and weight restriction, usage consideration, and more.

Similarly, we offer a range of surface treatments. With expert powder coating capabilities, we can powder coat or otherwise treat the enclosure surface with a huge range of color options to endure almost any environmental need. Other treatment options include chromated, passivated, anodized and pickled surface finishes also powder coated with sophisticated fasteners and high-quality finish by grinding, brushing, polishing or scotch-padding.

We can also meet a range of special safety requirements during the design and engineering stage, including EMC protection, IP 67 protection class or explosion protection for the entire operating unit.

We completely coordinate electronics and enclosures.

Just as no input device is complete without the perfect enclosure, no enclosure can be perfectly formed unless it is designed and produced in perfect alignment with the electronics that it will house. A mismatch between enclosure and electronics is likely to result in substandard performance, shortened lifespan, and user difficulties. Without full coordination, neither the enclosures nor the electronics can ever realize their full potential. To that end, we can custom fit enclosures and enclosure parts or supplement them, for example, with metal components, assemblies of electronic modules, printed circuit boards, displays, battery compartments, interfaces and more.

At Hoffmann + Krippner, our team combines world-class experts drawn from multiple disciplines so that the enclosures can be designed and produced to work in perfect synchronicity the electronics that they house. We create products that work as efficiently, effectively, and beautifully under the hood (?) as they do on the surface.

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