Diverse and Customized

Hoffmann + Krippner builds more than hardware. Specialists in our Development and Engineering Division are competent in all relevant areas of electronics, control and microprocessor technology, controllers, bus systems and standard interfaces. We develop and program control the evaluation and inspection software in-house according to customer-specific parameters.

Printed circuit board development and routing according to the most recent eCAD status constitute further components of our service portfolio.

With in-house SMD placement, reflow and wave-soldering technology as well as appropriate visual and electronic inspection technology, we provide our customers with one-stop turnkey solutions. We certainly comply with all ROHS regulations in production and all applicable EMC requirements. This also applies to safety-relevant applications such as millitary, aviation, traffic engineering and medical technology.

In our electronics production you will find:

  • ► Automated populating of snap domes
  • ► Solder paste printing
  • ► Populating LED on membrane foil
  • ► PCB assembly
  • ► In-house developed testing software for thorough final inspection

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