Double Contact Membrane Switches

Double contact – Security enhancements through keys with two switch levels

High operating safety requirements demand maximum reliability of the control unit. A speed function (slow/fast) controlling a crane, for example, requires two distinctly different switching functions. Hoffmann + Krippner has developed membrane switches with double contact functions specifically for such requirements.

For example, the first switching level is activated at a pressure of around 7N, and the second level at about 13N.

Sphere shaped domes in the membrane overlay on top of the keys (GT Technology) reinforce the clear tactile feedback of both switching levels.

Featured Benefits

  • ► guaranteed service life of 1 mio operating cycles
  • ► increased robustness through spherical, domes keys and sealed overlay
  • ► feasible with an overall thickness of around 3mm
  • ► favorably priced solutions for custom designs

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