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Hoffmann+Krippner, Inc., is your source for the very best high-end products in the region. We are a leading manufacturer of Dallas membrane switches, manufactured to the highest standards of German engineering. Check out our entire line of the best, most reliable Dallas membrane keypads and switches on the market today.

What Are Membrane Switches?

Membrane switches are electronic circuits that are opened and closed by applied pressure. These printed circuits use special conductive links comprised of graphite, silver or carbon, and are an important component in a wide range of devices that are used in everything from touchscreens, push-button switches, toggles, slide switches and rockers.
In short, membrane switches are an essential means by which you interface with your favorite device whether it’s a computer, smartphone or even modern appliances! They are what enables you to communicate with equipment, appliances, and devices.

Layered Protection

Membrane switches are comprised of a number of thin layers, which are then bonded using adhesives that are pressure sensitive. They can consist of anywhere from four to nine layers, depending on the requirements of the switch. They are less expensive than mechanical switches, take up less design space, are sleeker, more ergonomic and attractive, and they’re very easy to clean! Each layer is heat stabilized to ensure rugged durability.
The top layer is the graphic overlay. The printed circuitry that makes the switch work lies underneath, incorporating a number of different materials including silver flex or polyester, copper flex or polyimide, and PCB layers which are more rigid. When two metal shorting pads make contact, the circuit is closed and the switch turned on.

The layers can include (but are not limited to):

  • Graphic overlay layer, usually in polyester
  • Top circuit layer with silver electrically-conductive and dielectric links
  • Circuit spacer level that lifts the top and bottom circuits away so the circuit remains open
  • Lower circuit layer, similar to the top circuit layer but which serves as the controller to the electronics
  • A rigid support layer is present on some switches to add additional structural integrity

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The Benefits of Membrane Switches

Membrane switches are ideal for just about any application. They are completely sealed, which means they’re hard to foul, and are ultimately easy to clean and sterilize. There are no cracks or crevices to trap grime or contaminants. They’re far more cost-effective than rubber keypads or capacitive touch pads.

They have a very thin profile so they take up less design space, and are quite easy to use with your existing controllers. Unlike touchscreens, there are no special electronic interfaces required to make them work.

Special Features

Our Dallas membrane switches can incorporate a number of special features, including tactile feedback to measure touch pressure and LED, fiber-optic or EL lighting options to backlight the whole switch. These are available in a wide variety of colors. Other options include:

  • Tinted displays
  • Graphical overlays
  • Hard-coat, UV surface finishes
  • Rigid back supports
  • Standard connectors in a variety of sizes and styles

Dallas Membrane Keypads for All Your Needs

We are a leading Dallas membrane switch manufacturer who is here to meet all of your needs, regardless of what they need. We offer rigid and flexible assemblies, switches made from silver flex, PCB or copper, the best available technology to ensure your switch works in the most rugged and challenging environment, and even low actuation force, continuous sliding and scrolling technology.

Stand Out from the Competition

It doesn’t matter whether you’re in the medical instrumentation, lab equipment, electronic testing, telecommunications, fitness or industrial sectors, Hoffmann+Krippner Dallas membrane keypads will suit your needs. If you’re ready to stand out from the competition with the best available interface technology, get in touch with us for more information any time.

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