Input and control systems ideal for the food processing industry – resistant to acid and other contaminants 


The Brabender® GmbH & Co. KG develops, produces, and markets equipment and machinery to monitor quality control and physical attributes for businesses in the food processing industry.

Reliable and easy to operate input and control units were needed for the development of new conveyor machinery and equipment for sample preparation, crop receiving, and quality control. In order to ensure clean / sanitary operating conditions / environment, the controls were to feature a fully sealed and chemical resistant surface.


The capacitive switches at Hoffmann + Krippner provide best qualifications for the particular applications of industrial food processing environments in order to fulfill the requirements of a robust yet easy to clean control unit. Capacitive systems can be optionally incorporated behind glass, plastic, or other non-conductive surfaces and are thus protected from acids, dirt and other miscellaneous contamination.

Operation is possible with only a light contact on the flat surface. A capacitive rotary encoder identifies and then directly transfers actuation signals to the machine control through an interface. The digital display can be freely programmed in order to ensure individual assignment of diverse measurement parameters.

The individual tolerance values are manipulated by activating a confirmation button and then adjusted according to current task requirements. In order to prevent operating errors, the control unit must be operated using both hands. Possible interference and external influences are identified and consequently eliminated by the processor and the associated software. Visual and/or acoustic indicators compensate for the missing tactile feedback capacitive displays are known for.


The compact, space-saving construction of capacitive switches at Hoffmann + Krippner is the ideal solution for control units with specific, particularly flat design requirements. Mechanical wear at the contacts does not occur. The fast and easy cleaning ensures compliance with maximum hygiene standards as well as remarkable chemical resistance when implemented behind glass. The few operating elements with interference-proof control further guarantee reliable, yet convenient and simple operation.

As shown in this case, Hoffmann + Krippner’s decades of experience in regards to innovative input systems again produces customized, robust, and reliable solutions that fulfill the high expectations / requirements set forth by the food processing industry.

Please feel free to check out additional case studies of developed solutions involving printed sensors, linear and rotary potentiometers, membrane switches and complete control units and input devices. 

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