Capacitive Touch Sensors

Customizable, flexible and curved designs

Capacitive touch sensors are capacitive sensor fields printed on ultra-thin films. Similar to capacitive touchscreens, these functional films are operated intuitively with just a light touch. For many applications, these printed control elements have become a popular alternative to common tactile membrane switches and touchscreens. The biggest advantage over conventional touchscreens: the customizability! The capacitive key shape and sizes, design and backlighting can be implemented and configured according to customer requirements.

Thanks to their low profile and light, flexible design, this technology is ideal for compact devices. The flexibility of the capacitive touch sensors allows for easy integration even on curved surfaces. The printed capacitive film can also be combined with tactile switches and buttons.

Virtually endless design options

Printed capacitive touch sensors can be easily customized! They are custom printed with capacitive, translucent sensor fields. You have the choice between variable key shapes and sizes and different membrane materials and thickness. The flexible properties of the membrane film also allows easy integration on curved surfaces, even 3D molding / in-mold electronics.

The user interface is also designed according to your design requirements. Whether graphic design overlay, cover glass or plastic disk – the layout is configured individually according to your design requirements.

Applications for capacitive touch sensors

> Automotive interior
> Medical technology
> Household appliances
> Agricultural and construction machinery
> Building automation

Advantages of capacitive touch sensors and capacitive switches at a glance:

> Ultra-thin, flexible and light-weight
> Even a light touch triggers function
> Custom backlighting, also with integrated color changes
> Easy integration on curved surfaces

> Virtually endless custom design options
> Easy cleaning due to fully sealed surface
> Complete plug-and play devices possible (sensor, electronics, controller, control unit, housing)

Capacitive touch sensors as backlit plug & play solution

Customize your design and functionality

Capacitive Touch Sensor

    > Capacitive buttons, sliders, or wheels
    > Screen-printing process
    > Transparent or opaque pastes
    > Printed on film, glass, metal or circuit board

Custom Printed Design

   > Film / Membrane
   > Glass
   > Plastic

Backlighting Options

   > Custom backlighting of buttons and symbols
   > Homogenous backlighting of surfaces
   > Integrated light separation
   > Changing colors

Feedback Response

   > Haptic / Vibration
   > Acoustic / Sound
   > Visual / Backlighting

Electronics + Software

   > Electronics
   > Controller incl. software
   > Control unit

Plug & Play Solution

   > Capacitive touch sensor
   > Backlighting
   > Custom printed design
   > Controller, software, control unit
   > Housing and housing development

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