Capacitive Switches

Exceptionally robust yet operated with just a light touch

Capacitive switches and capacitive keypads with buttons, sliders or wheels are similar to a touchscreen in function and operation. Capacitive sensor fields are printed on a PCB (rigid) or a film (flexible). By approaching or touching the surface with a finger, charge is removed from the electric field. The electronics detect this change, thereby deducing the exact point of contact and triggering the desired function.

Capacitive switches are exceptionally robust and ideally suited for high mechanical stress. Custom solutions can be developed with the appropriate protection concepts according to IP protection classes for you application.

The user interface

The fully sealed surface made of glass, Plexiglas or polyester protects the input device from dirt and liquids. Screen and digital printing can be used to design the front entirely according to the customer’s wishes. Specially machined surfaces make capacitive operating elements particularly resistant and create optimum protection even for harsh applications.

Capacitive switches…

> are available on film (capacitive touch sensors) or PCB
> can be designed with buttons, sliders or wheels
> can have backlighting
> are robust and sealed according to IP protection classes


> Fully sealed surface
> Made to last with millionfold switching cycles
> Hardly any wear over time
> Simple and intuitive operation
> Ideal for HMIs at risk of vandalism
> Ideal for visually demanding applications

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Components and Options

Tactile Key – tactile, sustainable capacitive keys

Tactile Key is a sustainable operating concept that avoids unnecessary waste while bringing new features to capacitive keys. Capacitive keys become tactile due to the special design. Key shapes can be raised or recessed and individually illuminated.

The simplified system design also allows easy disassembly of the electronics from the front panel. Individual assemblies can now be repaired, replaced and also recycled. Previously bonded superstructures were difficult or impossible to repair. The direct contact of the capacitive touch sensor with the operating surface ensures high sensitivity and enables integration even behind 3D deformed surfaces. LEDs for the illumination of the sensor fields can also be easily integrated on the PCB. You do not need a separate electronics unit.

Special features of Tactile Key:

> Blind operation possible
> High sensitivity
> 3D deformed surfaces in combination with illuminated keys
> Deformed plastic panels can be operating surface at the same time
> Electronics dismountable and recyclable
> Parts and cost saving

Capacitive switches printed on film

Capacitive touch sensors for keys, sliders or wheels can be printed on polyester films using conductive pastes. Polyester films have the advantage that they are light and flexible and can also be applied to curved substrates. The use of capacitive keys on curved fronts, such as washing machine panels, is possible without any problems.

Learn more about capacitive touch sensors.

In-Mold Electronics
During the in-mold process, the capacitive film is seamlessly combined with a plastic housing. Instead of laminating the film onto  housing with transitions and gaps, the injection molding process directly back-molds the capacitive film. Two assemblies are combined into one.

Capacitive switches printed on PCB

Capacitive touch sensors on printed circuit boards offer the advantage of integrating further electronic components and the evaluation electronics on the same board. The direct proximity of the evaluation electronics makes the system less susceptible to interference.

LEDs for the illumination of the sensor fields can also be easily integrated on the PCB. You do not need a separate electronics unit.

Capacitive switches with backlighting

A capacitive operating unit can even be used in unfavorable lighting conditions. Diverse LED colors light up all relevant areas brightly. Our innovative SideLED technology provides homogeneous backlighting while saving space.

Capacitive touch sensors can even be transilluminated thanks to highly transparent pastes.

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