When it comes to additive manufacturing, you need a partner who can help you optimize your products and develop a solution that suits your needs. HP Inc. has created a network of industry-specific 3D printing experts to advise companies on custom options, advantages and areas of applications. Together with 6 other 3D printing manufacturers, Hoffmann + Krippner helps you integrate the potential of 3D printing technology into your product development process and to make the most of it.

Not sure how to integrate 3D printing into your development process? Then you are like many other companies. The HP Tech Center supports you! Together with 6 other companies, Hoffmann + Krippner is by your side as a partner in the planning and implementation of additive manufacturing. We support you in making optimal use of the advantages of 3D printing for your individual challenges. For more information please also visit the HP Digital Manufacturing Network. 

We rely on the Multi Jet Fusion process from HP. The result of this innovative 3D printing technology are sturdy, high quality, detailed and functional 3D printed parts. The large number of print heads only take a few seconds to print the individual layers and connect them to one another. In addition, the connection process is already integrated into the printing process. With a print layer of more than 3cm per hour, Jet Fusion is one of the fastest 3D printing technologies.

Advantages of the Multi Jet Fusion process:

  • Fastest 3D printing technology
  • 300 million drops of liquid per second
  • Accuracy of 21 μm
  • Material: polyamide PA12
  • Connection process integrated into the printing process
  • More than 3 cm print layer per hour


3D Print Instead of Injection Molding

Our team of experts is at your side to provide support when it comes to developing new components or optimizing existing parts through functional integration. Parts or enclosures that were previously produced through injection molding can be supplemented or even replaced by 3D printed products. All we need is a CAD file. Stay flexible with with print-on-demand. Keep your cost down, no tools required!

In addition, there are great opportunities to create added value when switching to the 3D printing process by designing parts that are process-compatible from the get go. Previous parts and components can be optimized by integrating functions that would not be possible through injection molding.

The material density and properties are now also comparable to conventionally produced plastic parts. With the special HP Multi Jet Fusion printing technology, 3D printed parts can be stronger and more resilient than, for example, laser sintered parts. Thermal or mechanical loads do not pose a challenge for parts produced through additive manufacturing.

3D Printing During a Pandemic

Many manufacturers are currently facing the same challenge: How can urgently needed components be procured quickly when conventional supply chains suddenly no longer work? You can continue to reliably supply your customers by producing your parts and components using 3D printing process yourself or through partners. Use the advantages of being able to act more independently and maintain reliability. You can find out about all of the advantages of 3D printing in the Tec Center.

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