The new year brings economic slowdown in certain industries. Despite all challenges, promising new projects allow us to look to the future with confidence. 2023 was a very intense and eventful year for Hoffmann + Krippner. Looking back, however, we successfully mastered the many challenges together.

What do we expect in 2024?

2024 will bring its own challenges: many recognized economic indicators determined by reputable institutes point to an economic slowdown in some industry segments. We are confident that we will master this challenge – as we have done so many times before in our company’s history. Despite the global, geopolitical and domestic challenges, we have many reasons to have an optimistic outlook for the year that has just begun.

Of course, we are still dealing with familiar issues: the ongoing shortage of skilled workers, the still fragile supply chains affecting certain components and the challenges in important core industries. Nevertheless, this is not a reason for us to think too negatively.

H+K will continue to focus on our own processes and procedures and making necessary investments in digitalization and automation as well as production equipment and machinery.

The year 2024 will undoubtedly be challenging again but it will also offer many positive prospects and opportunities for further development. We will take advantage of these growth opportunities to further establish ourselves in the market as a specialist for complex, high-quality B2B solutions with input devices and HMIs complemented by new digital solutions.

2024: The year in which we prepare for a successful future – to master all challenges as a strong group of companies.