There is hardly an industrial sector that can do without innovative, high-quality input devices and HMIs: touch displays, membrane switches, complete HMI solutions. The applications are as diverse as they are comprehensive, and many applications simply cannot be implemented without suitable, reliable HMIs.

Finding the right partner for the development and production of this sometimes underestimated, but indispensable component can be crucial for the schedule and success of the entire project.

Why Hoffmann + Krippner? Our company has been around for 50 years – a success story that would not have been possible without satisfied customers.

There are many reasons to choose a supplier. Sometimes it’s simply physical proximity but quality and reliability also play a major role. We outline 10 reasons why customers choose custom solutions from Hoffmann + Krippner to secure their competitive advantage.

1. Experienced family business with consistent values

Hoffmann + Krippner looks back on 50 years of history: we pass on our experiences with every project. Even in turbulent times, we always orient ourselves based on our values which our customers have come to also appreciate very much.

Security and Trust

Everyone who works for and with us and who uses our products and solutions can rely on these cornerstones of our activities. Because that is exactly what we are: High-tech “Made in Germany”, used all over the world. Based on reliable partnerships with all our customers.

2. Focus on long-term partnerships

As one of the largest German manufacturers of membrane switches and HMIs including the accompanying peripherals, we think and act long term. What does that mean exactly? Quite simply: our goal is always long-term, trusting collaboration with our customers. The longer you work with each other and understand the technical requirements, the better the results will be. This applies to both our customers and suppliers. We rely on optimal quality and reliable supply and resources.

Our claim: planning security at the highest technical level and custom solutions that are developed and produced by highly motivated, experienced specialists. This makes us particularly interesting for mid-sized companies.

3. Direct contact person for each project

As one of our employees always says: “You can knock down our doors in an emergency.” What he means is: time differences, language barriers, projects with companies on other continents, ambitious time frames, technical challenges, delivery difficulties – all are no problem.

Each project has a direct contact person assigned who ensures throughout the entire duration that not only the communication works smoothly. Technical details, development steps, production times: Our customers rely on the fact that all relevant information is always available via this direct contact, saving time and effort. It benefits both sides when you don’t have to communicate with six different people at the same time or be constantly redirected to clarify important points.

4. Unique and thorough quoting process

“More is more.”

As a customer at H+K, you can expect more right from the start: We go into great details during the offer phase. The reason for this being that we simply want to avoid any nasty surprises during a project. We focus on transparency and accuracy right from the start. A proper offer or proposal includes a comprehensive technical evaluation and consultation in advance.

Sometimes we do really enjoy meticulously diving into important details. This is the optimal prerequisite for the best possible result. You will not hear from us “Of course everything will work out – please quickly sign here”. Instead, you receive an honest, comprehensive evaluation of the problem and requirements and an equally comprehensive proposal for a custom solution.

This process can be costly and time-consuming and therefore tends to be rather unusual during the offer phase. However, we see our customers as partners and want them to be fully informed to provide an optimal solution for a successful project.

5. The complete package at H+K

We see ourselves as a partner who completely supports its customers in developing the right custom solution. In practice, this means receiving a comprehensive “all-in-one” turnkey solution from us – everything is coordinated for optimal function. Quality from a single source, no matter how complicated the initial request. Your order from us, we take care of everything.

Product design, the right components, quality suppliers, optimal production processes, ongoing quality assurance including testing and inspection processes, implementation of the custom input device into your application, continuous cost control.

6. Vertical range of manufacture

This is an important factor that should not be underestimated. Simply put, we take care of many steps within the project in-house. From planning and consulting to design and development, production, and the necessary test procedures. This gives us an advantage for our customers: we always retain full control over the individual project phases and can implement changes and adjustments flexibly and quickly at any time. Layout changes? Component shortages? Delivery problems with individual components? No problem, we will quickly find alternative solutions as a team. And don’t forget: this way many of the transportation routes are unnecessary, thus saving energy and costs.

7. Comprehensive know-how including smart devices for industrial IoT

H+K stands for a high level of expertise and extensive specialized knowledge: with over half a century of experience, backed by our in-house experts. Not only do we want to make your HMI better, simpler, and safer, but also digital and smarter. Our expertise also covers the demanding applications of Industrial IoT. Within our technology network, we draw on expertise and many years of experience for holistic IoT solutions. We develop and produce IoT devices, operate the platform for the necessary data and SIM card management, evaluate data intelligently, transfer it to the customer’s system and manage ongoing operations.

Providing our customers with thorough consultations, online or in person – no matter the challenge our customers approach us with, it is very likely that we have encountered something similar before. The list of successful case studies speaks for itself.

8. Flexibility

Layout changes needed even in times of component shortages? –No problem. We have experienced it especially in the past few years since the beginning of the Corona crisis: interrupted supply chains, long lead times, material bottlenecks – the global economy will have to continue to adjust to new, unexpected challenges in the future.

With us as your partner, you don’t need to worry: for the production of input devices, we are positioned in such a way that we can react to those uncertainties without extensive changes to project planning.

Relying on replaceable components allows us to implement flexible layout changes to housing if certain components are not available in the foreseeable future. Our in-house Design & Development department and electronics manufacturing enable us to precisely master these challenges quickly and independently of manufacturers. The result: your custom HMI is delivered as needed without compromising quality.

9. Consistent and strong development

Standing still is not in our DNA. H+K can already look back on 50 years of company history and over the past decades, we have often adapted to changing market conditions – and will continue to do so. The challenge is our drive to continuously evolve with technology. Our goal is to get our customers on board and at the same time benefit from their constantly evolving requirements. That’s what motivates us again and again to leave our own comfort zone. We want to keep developing with the right personnel, the right technologies demanded by the market, even more know-how and a constantly growing machine park geared to the latest technological requirements. We are focusing on constant development and being the right partner for sustainable growth.

10. Product and service quality

Our customers benefit from certified, durable quality (ISO 9001) “Made in Germay”, from a high level and future-oriented environmental awareness (ISO 14001) and, finally from safe processes, for example for the manufacture of medical products (ISO 13485). It is clear to us that customers with high demands and sophisticated applications require the highest possible material, process, and production quality.

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