Your partner from prototype to full production, with design, engineering, and fabrication capabilities all under one roof.

At home in every industry and offering the right solution for every application: Hoffmann + Krippner is the right partner to implement your ideas.

With a broad portfolio for custom HMIs and printed electronics – combined with extensive technical bandwidth, thanks to robust partnerships and vertically-integrated companies – Hoffmann + Krippner can design, develop, and manufacture input devices and printed electronics with both optimal mechanics and beautiful design. Hoffmann + Krippner offers everything needed to develop and manufacture industrial machines that work in perfect harmony with their human users.

We create modern solutions that amplify human users’ ability to excel.

Through Hoffmann + Krippner, our customers can access turnkey solutions from a single source with capabilities that can take products all the way from ideation through fabrication.  All work proceeds under the guidance of world-class experts whose knowledgeability and craftsmanship have been helping customers elevate their own work for decades. Device connectivity and custom IoT solutions increase productivity through automated processes and create competitive advantage, Every project shares the same relentless focus: building products that power both exceptional user experiences and outstanding business outcomes.

Input Devices

Membrane switches, touchscreen solutions with optical bonding and turn-key solutions according to your custom requirements

Printed Electronics

Potentiometers, printed pastes for custom functions and electronic assemblies

Device Connectivity

Connecting sensors, input devices and industrial electronic to the internet via mobile communications

What We Do

We combine traditional manufacturing processes with innovative technologies of the future. Benefit from our many years of experience and know-how: from design and development to prototyping and series production.

Product Design

3D Printing

Electronics Manufacturing

Optical Bonding

IP Protection Concepts

Screen Printing

Quality Management




100% Testing

With decades of experience and world-class reputation that extends globally, Hoffmann + Krippner offers design, engineering and production capabilities.

Hoffmann + Krippner can craft unique combinations of input and display technologies; high-quality aluminum, plastic, and steel housing and enclosures; and customer-specific electronics. Along with being a globally recognized potentiometer and membrane switch manufacturer, with offices around the world, the Hoffmann + Krippner Group develops and produces innovative solutions for customers in the most diverse sectors. Hoffmann + Krippner is a DIN EN ISO 9001-2000 certified company with over 45 years of experience and can offer one-stop solutions for developing custom HMIs, membrane switches, membrane potentiometers, custom cleanroom medical keyboards, or custom touchscreens. We build products for medical applications, aviation, aerospace, industrial automation, consumer goods and many more: you name it – we produce it.

What Sets Us Apart

German-Grade Quality

Hoffmann + Krippner brings the best of German engineering quality to customers worldwide – meaning high-performance products that offer superb precision, accuracy and lifespan.

Customized Solutions

All our products are fully customizable, with the ability to add a huge array of features, options, and aesthetics to meet scenarios that may have exacting specifications or unusual requirements.

Partner Ecosystem

Direct, integrated access to best-in-class partners means our customers can leverage a huge range of capabilities and gain “one-stop shopping” for any need from a single-source vendor.

Consultation Services

Extensive consultations and support for our customers are a special focus at Hoffmann + Krippner. If clients have a need but can’t find a solution, we can help to design and develop a complete product.

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