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Resistive Touchscreens

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Resistive touchscreen with Sensofoil, available only from Hoffmann & Krippner

Although this technology is not new to the market, this simple, reliable and affordable screen input technology still remains popular for industrial applications. Due to the simple design, operation with a stylus and gloves, high electrical reliability and low cost, the resistive technology is still widely used.


  • • Operation possible with heavy work gloves
  • • Precise control when using a stylus
  • • Due to mechanical activation, they are much less susceptible to electromagnetic interference
  • • Currently lower priced compared to capacitive systems.


  • • With conventional resistive systems, only single-touch operation is possible
  • • Gesture control is very limited
  • • Wear due to mechanical stress during operation
  • • Sensitive surface – not suited for devices vulnerable to vandalism


  • • Industrial PCs
  • • Office equipment (e.g. photocopiers)
  • • Household appliances (e.g. coffee makers)
  • • Hand controlled devices (e.g. car diagnostics)
  • • Input devices in medical technology