PiL P53 Hygienic Ultrasonic Sensors Mounting Kits Now Available with EHEDG Certification

Hoffmann-Krippner today announced the availability of the EHEDG (European Hygienic Engineering and Design Group) certified hygienic mounting kit for PiL’s P53 “Steel Head” ultrasonic sensors. This new, off the shelf, hygienic sensor solution has been designed for the food and beverage sector and chemical and pharmaceutical industries – suitable for any manufacturing/assembly/bottling/packaging system that requires a clean and hygienic environment.

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Ultrasonic Sensor Mounting Kit

Membrane Switch


What is a Membrane Switch?

A membrane switch is an electrical switch that is used for turning a circuit on and off. These switches are interface utilities designed to be helpful to users by facilitating ease of communication and commands between electronic devices and the people operating them.

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ILAT from Inelta: Inductive Path Sensors in Miniature Format

The ILAT Series Miniature LVDT Sensors of Inelta provide precision measurement of position and path in the range of single-digit millimeters. The sensors of this series are available in Models ILAT 2, ILAT4 and ILAT10 for the exact measurement of ±1 mm, ±2 mm or ±5 mm traveling distances. Owing to their tiny dimensions with a housing length of 79 mm and a diameter of only 8 mm at a weight of 30 g (including cable), the sensors will navigate even within very tight fitting conditions.

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ILAT Inductive Path Sensor

Sensors Expo


Visit H+K at Sensors Expo & Conference 2016: Booth# 1116

Hoffmann + Krippner, Inc. is looking forward to being part of Sensors Expo & Conference 2016 in San Jose, CA on June 21-23, 2016. Please visit us at booth 1116 to discuss our products and solutions. Our portfolio includes ultrasonic sensors, load cells, LVDT sensors, membrane potentiometers and high-precision potentiometers.

For more information, contact us or call at 770-487-1987.


Hoffmann + Krippner Announces New P-DMS Printed Polymer Strain Gage – No More Wires

Hoffmann + Krippner, Inc. today announced that their new P-DMS Polymer Strain Gage is now shipping. This compact and cost-effective solution for measuring pressure is based on Hoffmann + Krippner’s industry leading and patented sensor paste technology printed onto a PCB board.

Extremely sensitive to slight pressures, a small deformation to the paste generates a change of its electrical resistance generating an analog signal to enable measurement, input and control to a wide range of applications. Requiring no moving parts, this simple device can be very accurate and long lasting. As the strain gage can be directly printed on the application’s control board, it does not need to be connected by wires. This enables compact and affordable designs, as well as eliminating the failure points of wire failure and corrosion. It also eliminates electrical sparking as the key contacts come together.

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Strain Gage

TES Frontdesign


Hoffmann + Krippner Expands Product Portfolio

US and Canadian Device & System Manufacturers now have access to cutting edge German Technology for Sensing and Input Systems

Hoffmann + Krippner, Inc. is proud to announce that TES Frontdesign has engaged in a joint venture with Hoffmann + Krippner as their new majority owner.

This enables HK to provide a wider array of sensing & input products and technologies to US and Canada based electronics developers and manufacturers. In addition, this new partnership provides more capabilities, flexibility and production reliability.

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Hoffmann- Krippner Launches Miniature Displacement and Position Sensors for Extremely Confined Spaces

Hoffmann + Krippner, Inc. now provides extremely slim, inductive displacement Inelta IZAL series sensors. Utilizing differential sensing technology, these innovative sensors ensure precise path length measurements in applications with highly confined spaces.

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Inelta Izal Frei



Updated Web Presence for Membrane and Polymer Potentiometers

Redesigned product pages for the H+K membrane and polymer potentiometers promise a user-friendly and informative interface.

Information regarding Sensofoil and SensoInk can now be found quickly and easily with powerful images and comprehensive content.

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Hoffmann Krippner Brings PIL P53 Steel Head Ultrasonic Sensor to the Americas

For Use in Harsh Environments and meets EHEDG, Ecolab, IP68 and IP69K Specifications

Hoffmann-Krippner, the leading source for high quality German technology for the sensing and industrial field, today announced that it is now the America’s distributor for PIL’s new P53 Steel Head ultrasonic sensor, as well as other PIL sensor technologies.

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Hoffmann-Krippner Unveiled Sensor Solutions for the Internet of Things and M2M

Ink and Foil Based Sensors for Consumer, Appliance, Business and Industrial Internet of Things Applications

At Sensors Expo, Hoffmann – Krippner Inc. demonstrated how their unique SensoInk and Sensofoil intelligent sensing technologies can be used for Internet of Things applications such as process automation, position tracking and real time supply chain support.

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Successful show for H+K at Sensors Expo 2015

As in previous years, Hoffmann + Krippner exhibited at the Sensors Expo 2015. Celebrating its 30th anniversary, the event was hosted in Long Beach, CA for the first time.

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Why and How to Use Membrane Potentiometers Instead of Traditional Linear and Rotary Position Sensors

New Hoffmann-Krippner Whitepaper

Complex sensor assemblies can be reduced, simplified and integrated less expensively with modern membrane potentiometers

This new whitepaper introduces the advantages and disadvantages of the membrane potentiometer’s special design, and also outlines its possible applications including industrial controls, robotic systems, forklifts, doors and gates, and even gaming. This essential guide for design engineers also covers the important technical parameters of membrane potentiometers including the various types such as PET, Kapton, magnetic and hybrid.

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Visit Sensors Expo 2015: Booth# 522

Hoffmann + Krippner, Inc. is looking forward to being part of Sensors Expo 2015 in Long Beach, CA on June 9-11, 2015. Please visit us at booth 522 to discuss our products and solutions. Our portfolio includes ultrasonic sensors, load cells, LVDT sensors, membrane potentiometers and high-precision potentiometers.

For more information Contact us or call at 770-487-1987.

Sensors Expo and Conference

Inelta LVDT


Rugged, easy-to-install inductive position sensors for medical, testing and industrial applications

Suitable for Harsh Environments

Hoffmann + Krippner Inc. now offers a wide range of LVDT sensors from its German partner company INELTA for contactless and wear-free path and position detection.

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SensoInk potentiometer technology - new possibilities for industrial applications

Hoffmann + Krippner presents SensoInk, an innovative solution based on printed polymer pastes. With its polymer thick film technology, SensoInk can be printed as potentiometers, resistors, switches or keyboard contacts on circuit boards or electronic components.

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SensoInk Potentiometer

Pil Ultrasonic Sensor


Compact and cost-effective ultrasonic distance sensor P49 now available in the US

Hoffmann - Krippner Inc. is proud to present P49, a cost-effective and compact line of high quality ultrasonic distance sensors from the well-established German manufacturer PIL.

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Complete Load Cell Line from German manufacturer “INELTA” now available in the US

Hoffmann - Krippner Inc., is proud to present a full line of high quality load cells from the well-established German manufacturer INELTA.

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flexx-GUI: the capacitive alternative to traditional membrane switches

With flexx-GUI, Hoffmann + Krippner presents a flexible platform for graphical user interfaces that can be customized according to individual requirements due to a modular design.

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Cost-Effective Linear Motion Potentiometers (Linear Motion Transducer)

Hoffmann + Krippner, Inc., through their partnership with potentiometer specialist Altmann GmbH, introduces a new affordably priced linear motion potentiometer (transducer) series.

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Happy Holidays from all of us at H+K, Inc.


Capacitive vs resistive touch input solutions

Custom capacitive and resistive designs to fulfill application specific requirements.

The capacitive input technology is well known in consumer electronics and has become well established in the industry.

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H+K has exclusive rights for the “blue” ultrasonic sensors

Hoffmann + Krippner, Inc. is proud to announce that they have received the exclusive rights for the North American market to distribute the high-quality ultrasonic proximity sensor Series P44 and P47 by PIL Sensoren GmbH.

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H+K expands product portfolio

We are proud to announce that Hoffmann + Krippner, Inc. has joined forces with the well-established German manufacturers Altmann GmbH, INELTA Sensorsysteme GmbH & Co KG and PIL Sensoren GmbH.

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Brilliant Image with Optical Bonding

Hoffmann + Krippner offers display solutions suitable for applications in bright environments. A special bonding technique, known as optical bonding, ensures a clear view even in low light conditions.

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Let there be light…

For several years now, Hoffmann + Krippner has been installing EL-sheets. This technology allows for keyboards to be completely illuminated in one color. However, each button can now stand out individually.

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The latest issue of the Hoffmann + Krippner customer magazine allows you to go Backstage in Buchen. Get to know the scope of our product portfolio and capabilities and experience "Quality - Made in Germany" as manufactured in Buchen. Download now available!

The customer magazine features the following topics:

    • Core competency at Hoffmann + Krippner
    • Varying methods - always the same quality
    • Turnkey solutions from a single source
    • Perfect interaction between man and machine for optimal results

Download the PDF here


Hoffmann + Krippner develops first membrane potentiometer for implementation in space

During a presentation entitled “Development of a Noise-Free Position Encoding Device for Spaceflight Use”, the joint development work was introduced this September in Konstanz, Germany.

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Latest edition of INNOVATION is available!

The latest edition of our Customer Magazine, INNOVATION, is available for download! Find out about exciting projects and news from the Hoffmann + Krippner Group!

    • H+K is expanding its Headquarters in Buchen, Germany
    • SENOFOIL in the Audi e-tron
    • Capturing motion with SENSOFOIL
    • The PC keyboard for medical technology

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