LVDT Sensors

Linear Displacement Sensors

Inelta inductive displacement sensors (Linear Variable Differential Transformers) are synonymous with a high level of measuring accuracy and reliability. Inelta develops and manufactures inductive displacement sensors as standard devices for a wide range of different industrial sectors.

Whether you choose a standard or high-specification LVDT – all Inelta displacement sensors will provide you with stat-of-the-art sensor technology.


  • Temperature ranges up to 125°C
  • Protection class up to IP68
  • Linearity tolerances from 0.25%
  • Extremely high measuring accuracy
  • Dynamic measurements
  • External thread

Areas of application:

  • Perfect for use in harsh industrial environments such as high temperature and pressure ranges, and for high acceleration and measuring cycles
  • Systems where high vibration and acceleration occur
  • For oscillating movement with very small strokes and measurements under one millimeter
  • Automation technology
  • Test facilities
  • Mechanical engineering
  • Medical technology Production lines

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