Custom Capacitive Touchscreens

The capacitive input technology is known in consumer electronics and has become well established in the industry. Whether single or multi-touch, anti-reflective or tempered glass, printed or transparent surfaces, flat or curved surfaces – with this technology, the customer sets the limits.


  • Multi-touch with up to ten fingers
  • Very durable – barely exhibit any wear and tear
  • Using better controller or device specific programming, the application range and reliability increases tremendously
  • With appropriate components, the equipment can be operated in the harshest conditions (protected against vandalism, temperature, humidity)


  • Can only be operated with bare fingers or thin latex gloves (no heavy work gloves)
  • Conventional stylus is not detected, specific conductive pins have to be used
  • Electromagnetic fields, moisture or extreme temperature fluctuations can cause malfunctions


  • Smartphones
  • Tablet PCs
  • Industrial PCs
  • Household appliances (e.g. washing machine, dryer)
  • Control panels (e.g. public transportation)
  • Input devices in the public sector

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