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Input devices
The modern PistenBully range from Kässbohrer Geländefahrzeug AG covers all fields of application of both classic and modern winter sports: from cross country ski runs and steep slope preparation through to the design of amusement parks.

As part of a comprehensive modernisation of mechanics and design, Kässbohrer commissioned Hoffmann + Krippner GmbH to develop and produce operating units to control the vehicle electrics and hydraulics of a snow groomer using a central electronics unit with CAN bus interface.

The aim was to develop an operating panel as comprehensive and central operating unit for most vehicle functions as well as two smaller operating units in the steering wheel.

Operation needed to be possible without a problem under all climatic conditions by day or night as well as when wearing gloves.

This project required the entire experience of specialists at Hoffmann + Krippner based on over 35 years of engineering.

The implementation of this extremely demanding task was performed through the design of a keyboard on epoxy circuit board with gold-plated contact surfaces and ventilation of the key chambers for pressure equalisation when the snow groomers are deployed at different altitudes.

A schematic image representation of the entire vehicle on the operating panel as well as different coloured keys for different function groups ensure intuitive operation.

The panel was supplemented by rows of keys with individual insert pockets for the individual addition of further machine functions.

The keyboard structure consists of a front membrane using the GT technology developed by Hoffmann + Krippner, so that different key buttons in terms of shape and size could be realised, e.g. for emergency-stop. The finished operating panel was thoroughly tested for subsequent use under low pressure and in cryo-chambers.

Drivers en route with the PistenBully from Kässbohrer are able to use the intelligent input systems completely in accordance with their individual requirements and preferences.

Self-explanatory operating elements and a touch screen make operation as easy as possible for the driver.

The entire vehicle is depicted on the operating panel. Whether at a great altitude with low air pressure or in extreme temperatures with ice and snow: Hoffmann + Krippner facilitates a reliable operating unit for all deployment situations.


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