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Hoffmann + Krippner: We develop and realize the future of
Innovative Input Devices

Input devices
Hoffmann + Krippner is a pioneer when it comes to conductive materials on membranes, and has been an industry leader for over 20 years. With its membranes processed using technical screenprinting, the company has facilitated innovative solutions that have revolutionized input devices and control units.

As todays market leader, Hoffmann + Krippner stands for the competency and experience in development, engineering, production, and inspection technology of a complete range of input solutions. This applies equally to the simple non-tactile keyboard and to the intelligent control panel with integrated electronics and software.

Many demanding systems and applications can no longer manage without Hoffmann + Krippners input systems. Also in demand for areas from military to medical technology are turn-key solutions with control and evaluation electronics, defined interfaces and plastic or metal enclosures.

While many competitors believe in producing substandard quality for nominal costs, Hoffmann + Krippner represents the finest level of engineering and the highest production standards, with its world-class production facility in Germany as well as offices around the world.


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Precise and accurate
Measurement tools controlled by Hoffmann + Krippner 
Handheld measurement devices from Prueftechnik GmbH are equipped with control units from Hoffmann + Krippner
Case Studies
Industrial Control Panel
OPAL Industrial Control Panel 
OPAL comes in various sizes and optional with integrated touch screen and controller. All keys can be labeld individually and feature Hoffmann + Krippners unmatched warranty of 1 million operations per key.
OPAL Industrial Control Panels
Antimicrobial PC keyboard
MediBoard: Medical keyboard 
MediBaord: The most advanced and reliable antibacterial PC keyboard for medical environments. In use in many hospitals around the world.
Medical Keyboard - antimicrobial and easy to clean

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Hoffmann + Krippner
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